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Hi all!

Good work on the current progress of Starling Bank, keep it up! :thumbsup:

My suggestion/idea would be to have a desktop version of online banking. This would be useful for many reasons, including:

  • If your device is out of battery or if you have no access to phone so need to login elsewhere
  • If you need to make lots of transactions or review a lot of data with a bigger screen
  • The ability to export data to somewhere else like a spreadsheet/money management app
  • The ease of doing your banking on a larger screen.
  • Ability to print out a statement if needed

I understand that it is not in your 12 month plan, but would this be something you would consider further down the line?

Thanks! :smile:


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Hi Scotty, At the moment we’re focused on delivering the convenience of mobile banking, but you’re interest in an desktop interface interests me… A couple of the use cases you mention, you can already do via the app.

  • You can download statements as pdf or csv file from the app, to your phone. You can do this in Account Management, Legal Documents and Export Statements. (We’re adjusting the UX so this is more discoverable).
  • If you download your statement to your phone, you can then email that to a desktop device to print.

Your device recovery use case is a good one, as we get more understanding of how your needs around this we’ll likely develop how customers can recover their accounts and agree desktop is useful in that case.


Many reasons why mobile only version is bad

  • Phone getting stolen/lost/run out of battery
  • Risk of Phone Hacking (phone hacking scandals!!!)
  • Security on data stored at rest on devices
  • App eating up storage, data and battery
  • Tied in to devices
  • No way to print out PDF statement from mobile phones
  • If both card and phone gets stolen, there is no easy way to notify without compromising security via emails etc.
  • screen too small to go any proper viewing of transaction data
  • Ability to have only one account per phone user. Not able to support multiple account, joint account, business account etc.


In my view

  1. None issue - unless someone knows your PIN/ and you have security set, then no issues
  2. Keyloggers, Trojans, Virus affect more pc’s and mac’s than Android and IOS devices.
  3. Same can be said for any mobile financial app, or personal information, and also affects PC’s and mac’s not that difficult to silently remote control a PC/Mac
  4. Clutching at straws, and doesnt a web browser use storage and data, as well as leaving a nice little cookie for trackability on your machine.
  5. Again not an issue
  6. I can print from my iPhone to my printer at home, have done so with the starling bank statements
  7. Use the phone - make a phone call (make a note of the number on the back of your card) or Live Chat on the website.
  8. Again not an issue
  9. There are somethings coming later, starling is in beta, and tbh dont want them offering business bank accounts, for that their is Tide or Coconut.

Starling is a mobile first bank, and thats why we signed up, if you want everything you have commented is missing or wrong then Starling isnt the solution for you, and you would be better sticking with a legacy bank that offers 20th Century technology stacks, not a bank at the bleeding edge of technology.


You have to remember, this is a new thing and will develop in time, I myself am happy with mobile only, I haven’t used desktop for banking in years. Starling have stated in their road map they are focusing on the current account for the foreseeable future. This may change but for now this is the focus. You don’t want to have too many fingers in too many pies all at once. Let’s let them do this.


Not necessarily directly connected to a desktop version, but I would be interested in the thoughts of Progressive Web Apps - complete cross platform parity + security etc…


Hey Sarah,

Thanks for your reply, and thank you for the advice! I was unaware you could do that function in app. :relieved:

It would be useful for account recovery or continuity. The reason I thought of the question was recently my phone died and I had to wait 5 days for my phone to be fixed, during this time I couldn’t use app/account. Card was fine though! :credit_card:

Thanks :blush:


This is why I have the app on more than one phone.


I only have 1 phone :cry:


How many times do you use the traditional banks’ app in a day? For me it’s a few times a week. I don’t think that battery running out will be an issue on most days. You mention about losing your device…yeah that can be a pain in any case, but someone who has strong security on their device won’t have to worry. Example, TouchID (fingerprint) authentication (no one can replicate this), if you have a pattern lock on android, a pin with more than the standard 4 digits, and correctly adjusted settings such as time out feature, data wipe, and iCloud to disable your phone remotely. It’s down to the individual to make sure there security is good enough.


Having a backup method of managing any current account is in my mind pretty important. That’s not to say it’s something that should be prioritised over the initial basic development but I wouldn think it’s something that is going to be required if Starling wants to hit the critical mass of customers it will require in order to ensure long term profitability and sustainability.


I really don’t think Starling is for you based on what you’ve just said.


From a security perspective, the app only approach is sound. Trying to retro-fit a web interface with adequate security is unlikely to be easy. I’d probably run a mile if Starling introduced a web interface.


Agreed. That’s the point of a mobile only bank. Few people think mobile, them quickly think security, loss of device, is it capable of managing my banking? It definitly is capable. Smartphones are powerful tools which we use every single day. As the years go by, and as technology and newer standards come out, we find ourselves in a protected and in a better position in regards to privacy and security controls than 2010 for example. The majority of things we do today is through a smartphone be it social media, taking photos, internet, YouTube and movies, gaming, email, mobile banking and so many more


What about Progressive Web Apps championed by Google? It brings security and cross platform, write one possibilities and runs ‘native-like’ on whatever platform…


Just to add another reason why a desktop version should be considered - I upgraded to iOS 11 when it first came out (partly for work reasons, partly because I’m an early adopter of new stuff). The Starling bank wasn’t initially compatible so I had no access to my bank account for a couple days. I appreciate Starling is in beta, iOS 11 is in beta and I could just use another phone - my point is simply that any scenario that means you’re unable to access your bank account because you’re reliant on a single device / channel has the potential to cause real problems for people and put off potential customers.


When Apple release their public beta I’m sure they have tons of text saying that not all apps will be compatible, and you will definitly experience issues. It wouldn’t be starlings fault, and it wouldn’t be your fault either but if you downloaded it, you accepted that risk. I completely understand your point though, I understand that if one loses their phone or something happens to it and they need access to their account, the option of being able to use a friends phone or open up the laptop quickly is convenient. Having said that, I still don’t think this is what these Fintech banks are trying to go towards.


I slightly different approach might be though that, instead of having a ‘traditional’ desktop web browser version, maybe release a Windows 10 app instead?

Microsoft are desperate to get more apps into their store so have made it (fairly) easy to convert iOS apps into Windows 10 ones. They claim it can take as little as 5 mins to port them across.

I’m not sure if the iPad version of Starling bank is different from the iPhone version to take advantage of the larger screen, but if it is - then maybe look into porting that across?

Ok - so that wont help people on older OS’s (or Mac’s) but it would be a (probably) fairly quick win and Microsoft are relentless in their march to get everyone over onto Windows 10…


I wouldn’t say it’s completely needed, but there seems to be a fair amount of strange opposition to an additional way of banking. Online banking itself isn’t dead and isn’t necessarily a legacy of the brick-and-mortar banking industry. Indeed there could be plenty of ways you can be innovative and progressive using a desktop banking system.

Let it not be a top ranking issue for Starling to address, but to completely dismiss it and render anyone who prefers banking via a larger screen as not “being right” for Starling seems very short sighted. The whole excitement over modern and innovative banking (and fintech in general) is that we are one community and try to solve as many problems as well as we can - everyone is different and having a slight preference for online banking isn’t completely insane.


This is much needed in my opinion and I’m glad an API exists so that I can bank without my mobile phone. I’m not worried about other people accessing my account if my device is lost/stolen, but with the fact that I’ll be locked out from my account until I have a new phone and sim card with the previous number.

Trying to retro-fit a web interface with adequate security is unlikely to be easy.

From a technical perspective, this is non-sense and given what we already have, wouldn’t be a challenge for Starling, just a matter of prioritization. N26 in Germany and Nubank in Brazil have proven this. A read-only version wouldn’t hurt in the meanwhile.