Online credit repayment


Hi All, just a little gripe with the account cards issued. I’m not a banker or finance expert so please bear with me…

I tried to pay off a Paypal credit account balance last week using my Starling Debit card online. Amount was for just under £700. Balance then shown as paid and was reset to Zero. I then received a few days later an email from Paypal informing me that the payment had been refused. So, I did it again 6 days after the 1st payment, exactly the same result. I got onto chat with Starling who said no payment requests had been received.

On speaking with Paypal today it seems that when paying a Credit account with a MasterCard debit card their computer systems will read the MasterCard debit card as being a Creditcard and will reject the payment. And the only way of paying a credit account with a MasterCard debit card is over the phone.

My question is… has anyone else had the same problem, and does Starling know about this problem because the chat person I spoke to didn’t. ?


Hello, I think I had a similar issue with PayPal credit myself! I think that the way I got round it was setting up a direct debit from my Starling account rather than paying it off with the Starling debit card. Is that given as an option for you?


Paypal Credit acts strangely at times.

Is your Starling card attached and confirmed to the Paypal account you have Paypal credit with. If not PayPal will often reject the card.

Was your Starling card used with another PayPal account, if so it will be rejected.

PayPal does recognise Starling debit cards as debit cards, many Starling users have their Starling cards on file and working with PayPal.

Not sure why they told you that Mastercard Debit cards are seen as Credit cards with PayPal because that is simply not true.


Hi, Yeah, my point was that I was clearing the balance with a one off payment. The one off payment was made online. I didn’t need to set up a direct debit however, the other option was to pay the money direct from my bank account but that takes 5 days.


daedal, the card is not registered with another paypal account and the card is registered with paypal credit.

I didn’t say that MasterCard Debit cards are seen as Credit cards with paypal. I said that the computer systems will read a mastercard debit card as a credit card. Something to do with the number the card starts with.


That’s an issue with PayPal credit. Not Starling, as I have a Mastercard set up for PayPal credit with no issue. If PayPal are stating its the first few digits, they will need to update the BIN range, however they use the same processor for all payments, and Starling cards work normally.

Numerous threads on the PayPal forum about rejecting Mastercards, and various reasons, none generally relate to the bank that issues the cards, its just PayPal credit acting stupidly.


Like I said at the start, I’m not a finance expert. I accept this is a problem that would need to be sorted by Paypal. Thank you


I’ve not tried personally, but I wonder if you attach your Starling card to your PayPal account and use it as a funding source, then in your PayPal credit wallet select PayPal balance as payment, it might default to your Starling card, but as its through your PayPal account it may see it as directly from PayPal, rather than a card payment.

Like I say not sure if it will work, but a potential idea to try.


I provided this report in September last year on this subject and sadly PayPal Credit haven’t fixed this problem yet.


Thanks Rob. Very well explained.