On brink of thinking of using Starling as main account again


Fed up with TSB thus weekend down from Friday to Sunday and still can’t access my account. Thinking as kept my starling account I may go back to it.


I was with TSB and saw the warning signs when the long awaited mobile app (which runs on the new Proteo4UK IT system) kept failing and was extremely buggy.

Am hoping for its current customers that these have all been ironed out by now and that the new online banking system isn’t as bad as the mobile app was when I was with them.

A lot has changed feature wise since you left @Gallifreyangirl what with Settle Up, Goals etc… why not move some cash over and give Starling a go again. :slight_smile:


Having a think about that @thom_horne when I can get access to my account.


@Gallifreyangirl I think that it seems the IT switchover isn’t going at all well; with one customer being credited £13k that he didn’t have and customers reporting seeing other peoples accounts… what a shambles!


Thanks for the info tells me a lot being on BBC news.


I wasted spent 45 mins in tsb this morning, only wanted to pay in some cash (to transfer to starling :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face: ) and still left with it as for some reason they couldnt pay it into my account…


now spent almost an hour on hold to query fraud on my card and told to call back tomorrow! i have 1 regular payment on tsb account to transfer to starling then im closing the acct down


Their Twitter account is busy! Migrating systems is never easy.


Having been involved with my own fair share of software go-lives I definitely feel for the team involved! :grimacing:


i just cant believe there is no kind of fall back! branch - nothing, phone - nothing :smirk:


Wow, just actual wow! I knew cs was pretty hit and miss from previous experience, (when I was a customer a lot of new cs staff was being onborded) but this is bad. :frowning:


luckily as i use starling for 99% of my banking theres nothing else in the acct to be taken (and no overdraft etc) so its not a huge problem but its very annoying! I even asked a “manager” to write down my info and call me when they can help but he cant as the “computer system is down” :joy:


I mean of only there was a non digital way of making notes?

Maybe I’ll invent one… I think I should name it the pen, what do you think? :joy:

Seriously. :man_facepalming:


Don’t think you should write customer data down :slight_smile:


i have no issue with them writing down my contact info with my permission/knowledge if it saves me wasting even more time!


Fair, a phone number with name on a note on a desk in a secure call centre though?

I’m not a data protection expert, it’s probably a good point. :frowning:


its probably not allowed for data protection (even though I dont mind) , but the reason I was given was they are not allowed to call out :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: and of course when I asked him to simply pass it to an outbound centre or maybe someone more senior who can"we cant as computer system is broken" I knew it was pointless asking but I felt a little better :rofl::rofl:


It can’t be that of a big decision to come back or not :see_no_evil:


Someone’s gotta watch that phone bill. :telephone_receiver: = :pound: . :joy::joy:


Still can’t get into my TSB account.