Old MasterCard Logo


Not a massive issue at all and I wasn’t really sure what section to post this in as it’s something I thought you may be unaware of? Within the Android app, the little card that displays in the card menu is still using the old MasterCard logo as shown below.


On that issue, I don’t overly like the render of the card in Apple Pay, I wish it was just one flat purple.


I’ve raised this a couple of times but they don’t seem overly concerned. I thought the last update may have fixed it, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the next one.


While it would be nice for them to fix that, it shouldn’t be a main priority.

Apple Pay has the new logo anyway and I assume it will be the same for Android Pay when it comes out.


Updates coming very soon on this and the new Mastercard logo will be shown. Watch this space.


I’ve previously gone out on a limb and said that aesthetically, the logo used between 1990 and 1997 was far and away the best (obviously).

It’s been fun…
I’ll get my coat…:smirk:


I’ll admit it does have a nice retro charm to it.