Offsetting spending category with incoming payments?


I think it would be great if i could offset the amount I have listed as spent in a category, so that by the month end it is actually accurate.

For example, if I spend £100 on a meal, and categorise it as “eating out”, yet my partner sends me her half via a faster payment from her bank, I’ve only spent £50 in reality - but my spending list will suggest otherwise.

What if I could apply a category to that incoming payment? It wouldn’t affect the actual transaction - i.e. the £100 that the £50 is contributing towards, and nor should it. But the category total would be accurate.


Sounds a very useful idea


Great idea… like it.


I would love to see this features since I usually pay for the whole bill when we go out and then my friends transfer their part of the bill. For now my spending stats in the app are not accurate because of this issue.


Also being able to select categories for outgoing payments too. So if someone else paid for a meal and you sent them the money you could change it to Eating Out and your spending you be accurate.