Offline transactions and insufficient funds?


Just wondering what the expectation is in this scenario?

If a transaction is made offline (i.e. during one of the recent outages) and goes through the next day, but there are now insufficient funds in the account to cover the transaction, you will presumably get a negative balance? If this occurs, will you incur charges?

I’m assuming offline transactions will only be made for relatively small amounts, but you will still be able to spend money you, in effect, don’t have?


I used my card for a Tube journey with no available funds and did not get charged for it other than interest.


You can find out more information about maximum monthly charges on our website here:

If you go into an unauthorised overdraft due to an offline transaction you will be charged interest at our standard rate. If your charges at the end of the month are less than 10p, it’s completed waived meaning if you unintentionally go overdrawn and you don’t have an overdraft agreed, you can fund your account the next day and still not incur any charges. If you remain overdrawn however our standard rates will apply but our maximum monthly charge is set at £2 - very much below other banks.