Offline switching between personal & business accounts


A bit of a random low-priority error, but I noticed the following when using the app when underground on the tube yesterday without internet connectivity.

  • Business account showing correctly on main screen, with correct balance
  • Tapped the Circle icon in top left of screen and selected the initial for my personal account
  • the Account maintenance screen correctly shows for my personal account (Personal details/Account Management/Customer Service etc)
  • tapped the x in top right of screen to show the main screen
  • Main screen shows with my personal account initial showing in the circle in top right corner; BUT
  • account balance showing is for my business account. Swiping up shows my business account transactions.

So… obviously the app hasn’t been able to refresh the data for my personal account, but I’d suggest a future fix that clears this data when switching between accounts to avoid this situation where incorrect balance and transaction data is being presented. Hope this makes sense. the error is easy to replicate in airplane mode.


I have also experienced this when I was out where internet was available but bandwidth was poor. It would be better if the app either cached some details to allow you to switch between accounts or displayed a message saying that it was trying to connect. It’s not helpful when it shows the same information for both accounts.


@StarlingSupport @sarah.guha can you confirm that this has been logged this as a bug?


Thanks @Brad_T we have this one logged.