Offline Mode Bugs



I have a business and a personal account and some very strange things happen when the app is opened and you don’t have an internet connection (e.g. you’re in Airplane Mode).

On the app’s Home screen it seems to display a mix of information from the two accounts, e.g. the account icon could show the personal account, but it displays the balance of the business account, the overdraft information of the personal account and transactions from the business account!

It’s also a bit annoying that the “No internet connection” banner appears over the top of the status bar, so you can’t quickly look to see why you might get not have any internet, e.g. no signal, poor Wi-Fi etc. (I’ve discovered that you can swipe it up to hide it, but no need to hide the status bar info)

iOS, 0.53, iPhone X


@LoganAllan @Oliver_Wright


We’ll take a look into this to see if we can replicate the bug. Thank you for highlighting. We’ll follow up with a message via the app.