Off topic, new subscription service?


This isn’t bank related nice to take a break really…
I have just signed up to they seem really good DVDs and bluray on tap what you keep, also my starling card worked flawlessly when signing up :+1:

Will update when I receive my first order from them, anyone else heard / had dealings with them?


Not new but I only just discovered recently for gamers is boomerang Games. Which offers a similar service except you send them back (or keep them for a reduced price)

LoveFilm used to do a similar service and then killed it and I hadn’t been able to find an alternative. Then I talked about it at work a few months ago and a colleague said they used boomerang and I immediately signed up.

Works with Starling just fine and has correct Merchant and Logo :wink:


I used to use boomerang :+1: good choice Chalky I I thought I would give DVD Locker a whirl because they say you keep everything they send you, I picked a horror box so will update when it arrives :rofl:


Be interesting to see how it works out, a Blu-ray a month for £5.99 a month almost seems too good to be true!

I like boomerang, but I’m quickly realising that I don’t play on my XBOX One or PS4 enough to really justify it, even at 1 disc at a time! I actually probably don’t use my XBOX One and PS4 enough to warrant keeping either of them to be honest!


Same here lol my Xbox One is pretty much a glorified bluray player :flushed:, I do occasionally play on Gears of War when in the mood lol!
Yeah it does seem pretty cheap I went for the 2 bluray package the proof will be in the letter box in a few days haha :laughing:


I’ve used quite a few dvd / Blu-ray rental firms over the years. One got taken over by another until I landed on Amazon’s door. I stopped it then as I could see it as expensive.
I appreciate their place in the market however for me I am enjoying Netflix more than any of the dvd company’s.
It’s a sign of the times - no waiting for the disc in the post!!