Number of users


Are there figures published anywhere showing Starling current account user numbers. I’m curious to see how the business is growing.


Yes I’d be interested in seeing the figures too!



Would be interesting to find out number of starling users.


Would be nice to know too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s amazing how much chatter this topic is creating on the Monzo community forum.


Do you have a Monzo current account Graham? I been with them since 2016 and gave up waiting for a current account, starling has ticked my boxes now :white_check_mark:


Ditto! I have been really impressed here.


I don’t Scott. Like you, I got a Monzo card very early on, expecting to graduate to a Monzo current account. Then along came Starling rather quietly and with very little kerfuffle, launched this thing of ours.

I began to find the wait for a Monzo account rather tiresome and pitched my lot in here. Haven’t regretted it.

Once you acknowledge you’re on a journey towards a pretty special product, you get stuck into the business of pitching and discussing ideas not just with each other but with the design team too.

Who ever gets that chance ? :smiley:


Totally agree with you there graham!
I too was stolen away by Starling, whilst waiting for Monzo to sort out their act. Which still even to date hasn’t offered a current account I’m a starling convert now though and have already switched so to late :blush:, I also prefer the starling card more the Monzo one seems a little kid like now compared to my lovely starling :blush:, also CS is so fast to respond Monzo are a good 30mins nowadays so truelly love starling and what is happening, also love contributing to the community - agreed what you said we are the cogs off the bank almost, saying what we want to see and then starling work hard and try and do that and then some! Love the fact they take all our comments on board and not something that is swallowed into a dark hole never to be seen again, we made a good choice :clap:


There’s a whole bunch of folk here who’ll agree with you wholeheartedly. Good to have you aboard.


Glad to see you hear @scottgale20 and I wholeheartedly agree with @Graham and yourself. Although I look to keep an eye on both here and Monzo as have prepaid card with them to see how it’s going.


I joined Monzo in March 16 and was in the first batch to get their cards.

Believe my location helped with this