Notifications on Multiple Devices


Hi, Both my wife and I have have the app installed (same account) as we intend to use the account as a joint for shopping. I’ll let her have the card for now and I can use Apple Pay.

Thing is she says she doesn’t want to be notified of every transaction so I turned it off on her device through the app.

This also turned it off on my device.

i think I could get around this by turning off notifications for the app via Apple settings but wondered if this was worth mentioning?




Hi Sean,
We haven’t yet added robust notification management in app but it is on our to do list. If you’re wife doesn’t want to receive notifications she should be able to turn off notifications on her device in Settings. Settings > Notifications > Starling > Turn the 'Allow Notifications" toggle off. She shouldn’t then get notifications but you will continue to on your phone. What it won’t do unfortunately is only send you your transactions, you’ll receive a notification for your wife’s transactions on the physical card as well as your own on Apple Wallet. The notification toggle we have in app only controls you choosing to not receive digital wallet notifications at the moment, which wouldn’t solve the problem in this case.
I hope this helps, we’ll keep you updated as we build out this functionality.


Hi Sarah,

Thats perfect. I’m happy getting all notifications as its mostly bills and Shopping that will go out.

We have complete transparency on our spending which is why your service is so good as we can both track what we’re doing :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to reply.