Notifications often missing merchant name



Recently I’ve noticed that quite often a spending notification occurs but doesn’t have the name of the merchant on it, e.g.:

If I open the app, even straight away, the name always appears in the transaction list, so why is it missing from the notification?


Is the name displayed in a “friendly” way or does it show the full merchant information?

What I’m finding is that I get a notification like that, then when I look at the transaction it has the full merchant information and it won’t let you set a category either.


The transaction in the transactions list always seems fine for me. Here is the one related to the above notification:


Hmmmmm, might be a slightly different bug to the one I’ve been getting then, or maybe mine was taking longer to fix?

I know a few people have been reporting issues that notifications are significantly delayed. Maybe they were delayed because they were waiting for the information before sending and maybe now notifications are just being sent where the information is available or note :thinking: