Notifications of new direct debits


Currently in the process of manually switching everything across to Starling because so far I love it! The idea is to use Starling 100% but leave my old account active just in case of emergencies.
A fairly low priority idea here but as I am switching DDs, I’m seeing them show up on the Upcoming payments screen but only because I’m looking regularly, it would be useful to have a notification that they’ve been added there when they get added, not just for now but going forward with new ones in the future as well.


I think this would be a good idea too. I now have two GoCardless Direct Debits on my account which set up absolutely fine but I had to keep checking to make sure it appeared as I wasn’t sure how it was going to handle having two payments to the same beneficiary. Luckily it appears twice with two separate references.

I also think it would help prevent fraud, if you’re alerted to a mandate that you didn’t do you can jump on it straight away. I know you’re covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee but always good to get to these things sooner rather than later!


Wow this is a good news month so far! @GoldieLocks and @Chalky we made an update last week to better communicate the status of your direct debits from a switch. We now send two push notifications; we tell you when we receive confirmation from the merchant that they have updates your mandate with your Starling accounts details or if, after 10 days of having sent the update to your mandate via your switch, we still haven’t had confirmation from your merchant we will tell you and recommend you check with your provider. We will soon add these statuses to the apps too, so you know the status of a new mandate. Once confirmed by the merchant, but not yet billed, we’ll also tell you in app.


Awesome! October definitely is shaping up to be a good month!