Notifications in latest Android release


Has anyone noticed the notifications are inconsistent in the latest Android release?

I was surprised yesterday when I saw that a DD had gone out but I didn’t have a notification, which I’ve usually received just after midnight when the DD is paid.

I didn’t think owt of it until yesterday, when on two occasions I transferred money to my wife’s Starling account and she commented that she didn’t get notifications.


I got notified of direct debits, hours after they actually left the account in the latest android issue.


It just happened again to my wife. Paid with Starling and no notification, but the transaction is showing in the app.

My DD notifications used to come through about 00:30, but now they aren’t coming through at all.


@sarah.guha can you look into this as well as the crashing? Cheers.


I’m also not receiving notifications for transactions either. I’ve received a payment which I can see in the app but I didn’t receive the normal notification through.

I’m using the latest version of the Android app.

Is this now a known issue being fixed?


Hey @Nathan_Ducey, we all love our notifications!
We are not aware of any bugs.
Have you noticed this more than once? If so, please get in touch with our CS team via your app. We can check your account, and log as a bug if needed.


Thanks Patrick, strangely after writing this, I made 2 online payments using my Starling card and the notifications came through as expected.
I’ll keep an eye on it, but it now appears to be resolved :+1:


Glad to know they’re working!


Maybe it is something to do with battery levels and when on reduced power the phone cuts off any non essential notifications? Only a guess, but that is what happens in a medical app I have. It is supposed to send notifications when to take your medicine but these fail to appear when battery is low!


Yes, the default settings in Android set Battery Saver mode when you reach 15% charge. This turns off background data and other non-essential features.