Notifications in app


Can we have notifications of issues if we have problems with starling.

Outage 26-07-17

What sort of problems are you thinking of?


Hey @Gallifreyangirl - are you referring to things like outages?

You can sign up to notifications via email or SMS about various statuses here:


I have signed up to these notifications and didn’t actually receive anything for the one this morning, someone did message me via customer services later this afternoon saying my payment was declined this morning.


Hmmm… that’s odd. Have you signed up to email or SMS?


I’m the same, i signed up via SMS and never received anything today


It’s outages I am referring too or card issues.


I received a text message of the outage from a number in the USA (+1 657 256 5289). Is it possible that international SMS messages aren’t making it through to some networks?

That said, it would still be nice to receive a notification via the app. Alerts from Starling tend to grab my attention, many others don’t.

Maybe how about when entering the Starling app? I seem to recall Monzo shows a banner at the top of the screen while they’re experiencing issues.

But of course the best customer experience is to never experience service interruptions. Systems and processes should really provide redundancy and very close to 100% uptime.


i dont want to have to go to a webpage and sign up for notifications. building an app that doesnt notify you when there is an issue is a big oversight imho.


I got email notification @kjersti.larsen as I signed up but think would be useful for the app itself to tell you.


We do provide an in-app message when we believe it is necessary to do so, and depending on the issue may contact you directly as well if you’ve been impacted.

I can understand your desire to get a message (do you prefer push notification or sms?) when something is likely to impact you though. I’ll pass the feedback on to the rest of the team!


I would prefer push notification.


I received a text message for the previous outage but not this one for some reason. Ironically it was this outage that I tried to use me card unsuccessfully.