Notifications from customer service



When receiving a notification from customer service could this match the other format for notifications?

For example “Joint.customer service message”.

At present clicking on the notification doesn’t take you anywhere then you have switch accounts to find message.

This would also tie in to the in app notification history as previously requested. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good idea, I didn’t think of that, but now I have more than one account it may be something I will use in future.


Clicking notifications definitely needs to take you to the correct account!


Ageed. Notifications do need a bit of work.


Notifications are being moved over to the new format. The most common ones were focussed on for the initial roll-out but soon all off them will be sorted :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @LoganAllan for the update.


I have just been in a queue of 12 for customer services - so I left the app and went off to do other things…

However there was no notification that someone was there to answer my question… I’m sure there used to be a notification for this in the early days.

It would be more effecient to have a notification that someone was there…


Interestingly I have just had the notification - 30 minutes later! :face_with_monocle: