Notifications for Receipts Failing


Has anyone had problems in receiving notification for receipts ?


So far today I’ve had no issues; if it keeps happening I reckon having a word in-app with customer support should help to see if there’s any problems. :slight_smile:

What type of phone are you using? I think certain Android devices will by default close apps in the background to conserve battery; this is a common issue with certain brands of phone and missing notifications.


Yes I’ve spoke to customer support and was advised to delete and reinstall app, still have a problem of not receiving any pop up notifications all since the last update? I also made a faster payment of £1 to test which didn’t trigger any notifications very strange it’s the ios app


Weird, I’d get back in touch with customer services, explaining that it’s still not working.

Have you somehow not allowed or turned off notifications for the Starling app in iOS? (I’m an Android user, so not sure where to check for these settings within iOS.) :wink:


iOS or Android? do you have any battery power saving modes currently enabled?


it’s ios all notifications are set correctly no power reduction setting used iphone 6 but shouldn’t effect anything as prior to current update it was fine I have both the business and personal accounts activated


OK, thanks. Have you tried disabling and enabling notifications in iOS and the Starling app? are you not receiving notifications for incoming faster payments or card transactions?


Yes no notification of any account transactions and I’m sure the total are only updated when the app is refreshed almost as if the push side of the app isn’t pulling in the changes ?


Ok, that’s about as much help as I can be at the stage, over to @StarlingSupport


Thanks for taking the time to reply


Hi there, we are keen to investigate this further for you. Are you able to send us a message via the app. This way we can look straight into your account and hopefully address the issue.


Will do now


Will quote my name for reference


Sent a message via message in the app please let me know if you need any more info


I have just used my personal current account card for a coffee and the notification works fine so perhaps it’s just payments made by the faster payment system ?


Has this been resolved?


No still waiting for an answer from customer support had contact with a few individuals but no one wants to ‘ take ownership ‘ and follow through with an update ??


Did you get chance to look at this ?


Hi @Gardening_4_You - Customer service have made the product and engineering teams aware and at the moment might not have an update for you. We’ll follow up.


Thanks for your reply