Notification of Direct Debit


@Callum - I woke up this morning (21st July) to a couple of notifications telling me that a two Direct Debit payments were due to be paid tomorrow.

However, the payments are showing as due on the 23rd July and not the 22nd as per notification.

Not sure if it’s due to the weekend or anything but it appears that the notification has been send a day early. Is this right? Should this notification behave been sent a day later?

Oh and one more thing. The company is ‘OVO Energy’ and the notification states ‘Ovo Energy’. Could this be changed too please?


I was just going to post something similar. Woke up to a notification saying my DD is due tomorrow. My first thought was “surely that should be Monday”


I guess the app has a set date the DD is due whereas of course DD’s only come out on a working day.


Although the days are slightly off because of the weekend, I’m definitely like that these are now happening because it means I can get the money out of my Goal in advance which is fantastic!

Yes, it seems some tweaking is required but definitely a step in the right direction! Just need the money to come directly out of the Goal next :wink:

What’s interesting it that I’ve just looked at mine and they still just show the Last Paid:


I think this happened because merchant requests money earlier than due date. I checked my EE account and it states that they got my DD payment days earlier than due date


Mine are the same. I would have expected it to shown next due date, based on the notification


I got it two, and whilst it needs something to if weekend day then… It’s still pretty cool.


I got two notifications saying direct debits are due tomorrow as well


Agree that is still a brilliant feature!


Love this feature. It’s going to be so helpful in managing my money. :slight_smile:


It’s a simple feature like this that makes me want to put more direct debits in Starling.


I have mine all lined up - all 20 of them. This is a killer feature!


Hi everyone. I love this feature too!! Didn’t see it coming. Very pleased. :+1::+1::+1:


Oh, is this a new feature? I didn’t realise. I thought I’d not seen them before because I’ve only just swapped the account over. Awesome!


As far as I’m aware. I’ve been here since last year and I’ve never seen one before.


It was mentioned a while ago it was coming, nice to see its finally here. It’s going to come in very handy.


A very “minor” thing in the grand scheme but an incredibly useful one that many people will be thankful for. Well done on continued improvement Starling, it’s great to see!


Another positive feature for me to make a switch (still not 100% sure yet to do a full switch)


Slightly different, but I keep getting double notifications when setting up DD’s. I’ve just set a couple of new ones up, and had double confirmation notifications both times. I thought the messages may have been slightly different, but they were identical. Not a big issue, just seems a little odd.


Great feature. Would be awesome to be able to do this for recurring payments too.