Notification of authorisation amount changes (pay at pump, etc.)


Due to non-Starling processes, paying at pump for fuel gives a notification of a £1 purchase/authorisation. At a later date the amount on that transaction changes to the real amount, and it becomes a ‘completed’ transaction rather than an auth/pending transaction.

At the point that transactions become ‘completed’ rather than just an auth/‘pending’, if the amount changes from the pending transaction, could you add a notification - ‘pending transaction amount changed’ or something? So we know the real amount has been processed and the balance updated?

No Notification for 'Offline' or 'Presentment Only' Transactions

The same would be true of transactions made abroad - their final settlement is like to change a bit from time of authorisation due to currency fluctuations. Seems reasonable to be sent a push notification whenever a transaction settles at a different value to its’ original authorisation.


I’ll share this one with the team. Thanks for the feedback, it sounds like a useful suggestion!


Yes +1 please. A better way of communicating this would be great. I was just very confused when a foreign transaction amount changed on me in the transaction list.