Notification linking not working correctly on Android?


I topped up my account from a debit card, and got a notification. Upon clicking the notification, I was routed to the following page:

If I click the “Go to Starling App” button, I was redirected to the top-up by card screen, but there were no details (i.e. everything was blank)

Anyone had similar?


Hi @dave - thanks for flagging this to me, I’ll ask the team to take a look. This screen displays if you select a link and your phones default settings are to open the link in the browser and not your device. Tapping Go to Starling App will redirect you.

I’d expect if you clicked the notification, it should deeplink now to your transaction in the app. Sounds like we might just have a nuance with top-ups which we will look at.



Hi @sarah.guha. I would expect it to redirect to the app. If I click on a Twitter link, for example, it redirects me to the Twitter app. Same goes for Youtube links. So it does appear to be behaving slightly differently for Starling.

I will have to go and spend some money later tonight to see if a payment notification behaves the same way for me.