Notification Issues & Add to Apple Wallet


As of tonight, I’m getting a pop up when I go to the card section to ‘Add to Apple Wallet’. When I try to get rid of this it is telling me that it’s already added. It just goes round in a circle.

Add to this that my notifications stopped working a couple of days ago, I’m a little disappointed to the functionality of the app in the last few weeks. I don’t expect to have these issues for a banking app. No notifications - the major selling point of the whole Starling way of doing things, and with no indication as to how long this will take to fix.

Can anyone at Starling tell me when the notification problem be fixed and when the app update will be issued please?


Hey, hopefully the issues you’re experiencing will be fixed soon and I’m sure the update for iOS will arrive soon. Unfortunately things go wrong from time to time and IMO Notifications are not critical as the app can still be used, I do agree a big selling point for the app though. @StarlingSupport to investigate.


Hey @Ad13,

Regarding the Apple Wallet button, do you see this on your personal or joint account?


@LoganAllan it was in the joint account. It’s now disappeared and also the notifications have started working (which haven’t for the last few days)


Ah ok, if it appears again, can you please screenshot it for me? The fix for joint account notifications was pushed recently, so they should work from here on out