Notification doesn't link to item


Quick bit of feedback regarding notifications - I’m finding that you can’t always read the full message, yet when I click it (expecting to be taken to something in the app with more detail), I’m just taken to the main screen (pulse).

Tap notification to be taken to transaction

Yes, I have thought this exact same thing. The notification should take you to whatever it relates to - transaction, CS message, etc.




I think, if that proves too difficult for now, as a very minimum there should at least be a notification section on the app.

Sometimes they can be really stressful when they’re cut short. Like they’re saying,

“Oh no. There’s a problem with your money. You’re totally screwed unless RIGHT NOW you pa…”


And also for the times you accidentally swipe away a notification. I do that loads because I’m very particular about not having too many icons. But with Starling there are no second chances.


I have a free android app installed called “Notification Log” so I can go and read what Starling was trying to tell me :frowning:


Does it help with the notifications that are longer than the allowed amount?


You can access the notification log in Android by following my tip here:


you actually see complete raw data of the notification event, very nerdy stuff


That must be phone specific because that’s not on my list.

You can see what the notification is saying fully by gently pulling down the notification. Don’t know if that’s only android 8 but I’m presuming not.


That widget thing doesn’t work for me, so don’t know whether its android version specific or phone specific.


Notifications deep link is definitely on @sarah.guha radar.


It’s been in since Jellybean 4.3 - should work on all stock Android and several others but not all.


I’ve just double checked now on the phone I have and that’s android 7 it doesn’t have the option, I’ll try my other one later.


Widget just worked here on stock android 8.1


I absolutely love transaction notifications after making a payment. However, I’ve found some disconnect between these notifications and the app. As a user, I expect to see details of a transaction when I tap on a transaction notification.

It would be great to be able to tap on a transaction notification, then be instantly directed to the transaction in question, so that I can correctly categorise it (as we know, Starling categorisation memory isn’t all that great!).

At the moment, I tap a transaction notification and the Pulse screen is displayed. I’m on Android; is this the same for iOS users, too?

And now, to make the user experience even less seamless, I now have a button to tap from the Pulse screen to reach my transaction list. Bring back swipe!


This was discussed the other day. I agree it needs to be fixed.


And yes, yes, yes! :joy:

Bring Back Swipe

Bring Back Swipe

Bring Back Swipe

Bring Back Swipe

Bring Back Swipe


Haha, nice :joy:


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