Notification delay using Amazon


I just wanted to share something I experienced using my Starling card for a first online payment via Amazon on 02/6/18.

I bought an item through Amazon Marketplace from a vendor I’ve purchased from before using a different bank payment card which doesn’t utilise instant notifications. Anyway, upshot was I didn’t get an instant notification, it took about a half hour before I received the Starling notification, but in any case, the transaction has processed so ultimately no real complaint just a heads up for anyone else who might experience the same thing.

Otherwise, so far, so good. My only other problem has been entirely my own fault. I locked my card for contactless and card present payments and completely embarrassed myself at the tills twice within half an hour thinking there was something wrong with my Starling card. I’m an idiot, but at least the card security locking function does exactly what it says on the tin and I like that a lot!


I know Amazon don’t charge the card until the goods are ready to be shipped. I wonder if this is the reason for the delay? I’ve ordered stuff in the past that wasn’t in stock and the transaction wasn’t processed for a couple of weeks.


Do you think it’s something to do with the window Amazon allow to be cancel the order before the payment is processed?


As mentioned, Amazon don’t take payment immediately as there is usually a window to cancel, so the delay is because of waiting to be dispatched. It’s just the way amazon do things.

However since opening my business account with them, that’s no longer a problem either :smile:


As @danmullen mentioned (thank you Dan!) Amazon will charge your card when they’re going to ship the item. Amazon aren’t the only company who do this; in my experience it’s the standard for e-commerce in general.
I tend to shop online 95% of the time, and can’t think of an instance where I was charged immediately unless items were in stock and ready to ship straight away.

Pluses: Companies won’t take your money and then make you wait weeks until the item is in stock and ready to be delivered. Or worse, take your money only to tell you they can’t ship the item after all.

Minuses: you can forget you bought that extra large limited edition bag of jelly beans for £1000 and spend the funds, leading to a decline when your card is eventually charged.


Amazon have never processed payments immediately, sometimes it could be hours later until they do.

With Amazon Marketplace orders they only process the payment when the seller confirms its sent. With Amazon prime they only take the payment when there warehouse dispatches it to an Amazon courier.

It’s actually a good thing, it means you don’t have to rely on waiting for a card refund if the sender can’t dispatch the item or they don’t have it in stock.