Notemachine ATMs not accepting Starling


I’ve tried a couple of times now to get cash out of the ATMs at Kings Cross station using my Starling card, and had a ‘transaction cancelled’ message. I get as far as selecting the amount of cash I want, and the cancellation happens when the machine tries to contact my bank. Same message when requesting balance.

The attempts were made a week or so apart. I tried my legacy bank card just to check, and was able to check balance and withdraw cash. I was able to check balance and withdraw cash using Starling across the road in St Pancras station just a few minutes later.

The machines show Visa, Link and MasterCard symbols, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

The ATMs in Kings Cross are branded Notemachine. The St Pancras ones are not. Is there a known issue with Notemachine ATMs? Only one previous post about them on the forums, and it was someone who said their balance was being displayed incorrectly.


ATM Card Declined

I have a Marks and Spencers/HSBC machine at work that displays all three logos on it as decals; upon attempting to withdraw cash it flashes up the LINK network logo and claims an error.

I’m strongly suspecting these NoteMachine ATM’s are only connected to the LINK system too?

I mostly stick to the same ATM’s I know to work; which in my case are mostly NatWest branded machines.


Thanks @fst0pped for letting us know. I will make sure I pass this onto our Ops team.


Hi, I’ve found out that Notemachine are part of the LINK network and we are not participants of the LINK network at this time.


Will starling be looking at becoming part of the link network in the future?


OK, thanks Sarah.


I had an issue with a notemachine ATM the other day. This explains it.


It works in other Link machines such as my local co-op’s Cashzone ATM. So the issue is not Link but certain operators such as Notemachine. Rather than waste money joining Link it may be better to work with Mastercard to get operators such as Notemachine directly connected to Mastercard and Visa like most Link operators are.


This is driving me mad too. I see machines with MasterCard on and sometimes can’t withdraw cash so I’m using my legacy card. Makes me one of those people that get tutted at by the queue too… :frowning: I’m anxious every time I try to use my starling card at an ATM because I never know if it will work or not. :frowning:

There are things I simply have to pay for in cash so this is beginning to become an annoyance. I always have to have my Halifax card with me in case I can’t withdraw so am beginning to get a bit miffed in all honesty.

Can we have an update as to whether this will ever be resolved? This is causing frustration for me right now despite all the other great features.


I had the same problem too.

Went to pay for a birthday cake and the card reader in the shop was broken - so I walked to the nearest ATM which was a NoteMachine one, my transaction was cancelled multiple times and there was a huge queue all tutting behind me.

I thought the ATM machine was broken so then walked even further and found a post office - I tried to withdraw cash there but when i put the card into their card reader it produced the message Card not accepted.

It was at this point I realised the starling card with the issue - I switched it for my Santander debit card and I was able to withdraw the cash. I’m really glad i didn’t switch to starling and just have it open as an extra account.

At this stage you can’t rely on a Starling card at all but I think this needs to be made clear to customers - I was under the impression that as my card has the mastercard logo on it then it will work with any ATM machine that has the same logo. I’m glad I wasn’t paying for something more important when encountering this issue!


Hi @Rav, we’ve been working with NoteMachine to understand why this is happening at their ATMs which have the MasterCard logo.
We’re hoping to have a response from them soon.
In terms of the PostOffice, they currently run on the LINK network, which Starling is not currently a part of.
Sorry to hear about your recent experience, we should have a solution soon.


Hi Jason

There’s a known issue with Notemachine ATMs.

Very recent advice from Starling herewith…

“…we’ve been working with NoteMachine to understand why this is happening at their ATMs which have the MasterCard logo.
We’re hoping to have a response from them soon.
In terms of the PostOffice, they currently run on the LINK network, which Starling is not currently a part of.”



The issue is deeper than that all cards with the Starling BIC 557435 are currently blocked at all Note Machine locations despite all those ATMs being a part of Mastercard network and showing on the MC website. This is a new situation, and effects about 7500 locations including many areas where Note Machine has the only free to use ATM for several miles. Large indoor locations like Manchester Arndale centre have no ATMs that are accessible to Starling customers. Now I know the stated reason for this and frankly it makes little or no sense to me. I have had extensive discussion with customer care but frankly I think they are in the dark about the real issue too. It certainly does not have anything to do with these machines being LINK they are clearly able to route transactions via the MC network for cards with no LINK evv and work fine with several overseas issued MC from non LINK banks including my own Tanzania issued card…


There are other threads given over to this issue which provide more information including acknowledging that LINK is not relevant in this case.

Could be useful if you contribute to those as it will add to the knowledge base around the problem. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi folks.
Has anyone else had issues at cash machines?

I attempted to use a machine outside a Morrison’s (I think the vendor was NoteMachine), didnt like my card. Wouldn’t let me take cash out or check my balance.

Cheers Jason


I find it works OK in Cashzone ATMs but not NoteMachine ATMs. However I have also had problems with other non-Link Mastercards not working in NoteMachine ATMs


Just as an FYI, Curve works perfectly in NoteMachine ATMs.

So if you have Curve and set your Starling account as your funding source you’re good to go. You’ll also get a teeny bit of cashback at some highstreet retailers. DM me if you would like a code that gives us both a free £5.


Great hint Rob!

Further details about Curve can be found here:


Hi all,

Just an update on Note Machine acceptance of Starling cards. We expected them to begin to accept our cards by the end of last week. We have been updated that an update has been rolled out and our cards are being accepted in some Note Machine ATMs, but we do not yet have full coverage. We are working with NM to get this resolved as soon as we can do.


Problems with cash deposits at NatWest

Thanks Sarah, I randomly tried one yesterday and got rejected, but will have another go later in the week.