Not receiving spending notifications


Is there a problem with notifications as Ive just used my card but did not get a notication to say how much I spend, and also I moved money from my goal but no notification. I’m using android if that’s relevant.


No known issues @Feckineejit - can you please send us a message in app, and we can check what was sent to your account/device.


What kind of Android specifically?

Could it be that notifications have somehow been turned off? Check this by long-pressing on the Starling app and and click “app info”. In here, make sure the “Notifications” option is set to “allowed”.

If that all looks OK, try the next troubleshoot…

Samsung and others have a battery saving function where they put some apps into a “deep sleep” to stop them using battery - try checking that out as it has been the reason for me not getting notifications in the past.

On Samsung you can check these apps by going to:
Settings>Device Maintenance>Battery

You should see a list of every app that’s been using battery, scroll all the way to the bottom of this list until you see a section for “unmonitored apps” - click on this and make sure Starling appears in there. (It should be in “Unmonitored” so that Samsung knows not to put the app to sleep and thus killing notifications).

Hopefully one of these sorts your issue!


Cheers lads just deleted the app and reinstalled it, and it sorted the problem :slightly_smiling_face:


Great response folks :+1:


Just noticed my new Android phone (P10 lite) has a battery saving option to kill apps when the screen locks…I checked and that’s why my notifications were failing. Just in case this is still troubling people!


That’s worth knowing @itfcdeano. Thanks.


Pretty much all Huawei/Honor phones have this mode turned on by default… I found it so annoying at first (before figuring out how to kill the feature for good) that I wanted the throw my device out of the window. :wink:


But you didn’t, I trust :flushed:?

Know anything about wifi calling?

Is it as simple as it sounds or are there caveats?


What do you want to know about wifi calling? Often depends on what phone you have, what network, and where you bought the phone from.


No, I still use my Huawei daily. I just turned all the annoying little quirks that EMUI has off. :stuck_out_tongue:

All depends on what network your with, what phone and where it was bought.

I purchased my Huawei P8 Lite 2017 from Carphone Warehouse so it doesn’t have the required pre-installed software for EE’s Wi-Fi calling. I’ve always had good signal with EE so I doubt I’d ever use it even if I had it.


WiFi calling is just VOIP, but with the client baked into the phones dialer normally so it is seamless.


So being BT, I don’t have the installed function?


BT Mobile don’t support wifi calling at present, but they are trialling it I believe, so maybe soon.


Ah, thanks @r1biker, most helpful. I’ll stop fiddling with it then :smirk:.


Did you find it had an adverse effect on battery when u killed it off? I am a bit of a battery fiend and drain it so quickly I try anything to keep the phone going!


Not really; I saw no difference over using a standard Android device without the feature.

You can force certain apps to stay open; kind of like a whitelist of apps that won’t be automatically closed.


I had EE Wi-Fi calling on a Lumia phone, I upgraded the OS version to a newer version and lost the Wi-Fi calling. The phone was capable of it, but EE only support it on the OS version they have approved and they have not approved the latest OS. That is why I hate OEM firmware versions :frowning:


I agree; the next phone I purchase will most likely be a Nokia device. I like the look of the phones, they seem well built and priced but the main draw for me is pure and up to date Android with none of the “upgrades/skins” OEM’s like to include.

I love my current phone, I just wish I had Android on it as Google intended. I dislike EMUI and have turned many of its features off.


Yep, Nokia will probably be my choice too.