Not getting anywhere


Hi all,

I feel quite bad having to write this, but I’m quite fed up with Starling at the moment.

I bought a 3D printer some time ago from a retailer who had (at that time) good reviews. Unfortunately the retailer made a mistake on the order, and actually did not have any of the printers in stock (yet they happily took £150 out of my account, which included £13 for “next day” delivery).

After several emails to the retailer asking for a refund, I was not getting anywhere so I turned to Starling to execute a chargeback and get my money back that way.

It went well initially, and Starling put pressure on the retailer which got a response, promising a refund. I heard nothing from the retailer for over a week, and nothing from Starling. Eventually after chasing Starling, I got told “the retailer say you will get a delivery soon”.

This was not acceptable, I had paid for next day delivery, and I had not gotten it.

I have been chasing Starling, and I keep getting told to wait for the retailer and give them numerous chances. I also have had a few Starling CS reps who promise to work out what is going on, and get back to me, and no one does. I have had to chase Starling every few days to get an idea what is going on, and I am no closer to getting a refund.

I got an email from the retailer assuring me that I would get a refund first thing today via bank transfer (this has not happened). I asked Starling over lunch to therefore start the chargeback, and I have heard nothing since. I asked live chat this afternoon, and was told that they would get back to me. No one has.

I have CC’ed help@ into my past few emails, and sent the chain of emails over.

I am getting nowhere, and getting very annoyed.

Can someone please get a grip over my issue and get this sorted?



Problems with customer service & DD claim

I should add, I just tried to ring in on this, and spent 5 minutes on hold before I hung up .


Well I wonder if the CEO who states that she reads all correspondence on a daily basis might take this one onboard and push for resolution

This from my perspective is a totally unexceptable situation and I am now very concerned that this has firstly occurred and secondly has not been simply resolved by starting the charge back facility

Can we now assume that Starling is not willing to comply with banking practices or have we a case of laziness ?

The customer has not received his goods the retailer is in breech of contract ( next day delivery) and the bank seems to be making it up

I will be very keen to see what happens


Just an FYI. Someone from CS has been in contact about this.




Hi Harry,

We’re here to help, and certainly don’t want you to be out of pocket.

In terms of the chargeback, we have to follow guidelines laid out by MasterCard when goods are not received.

I’m sorry if we were not clear about this earlier.

Sometimes when we’re busy it can take a bit longer to answer your call. Sorry we didn’t get to you as quickly as we would have liked to.

I’ll personally explore how we can improve this and make sure you don’t have to wait 5 or more minutes for a call to be answered.

Thanks for sharing your experience, CS will update you directly in the app.


Thanks Patrick.

I think in longer cases like mine, it would be good to be assigned a dedicated “case manager” almost who sees the issue all the way from the first customer contact, right through to resolution, and to be given direct contact details with that person.


Completely agree, we’re working on improving this at the moment.


I’ve been through half a dozen agents, all who have to go back and familiarise themselves with what is going on.


Just read this thread and will have a quick word with @patrick so that he can update me. Anne



Thank you for taking the time in looking into this

Something just doesn’t seem quite right here


Thank you @anne

You wouldn’t see the CEO of HSBC out at 9pm at night responding to a customer issue. This is more like how it should be done.


Evening hawc
Let the bank look at this now and with a bit of luck you may have some resolution


We are working hard to make sure we get better and better at delivering great service. Sorry if we have disappointed you on this.



I think we should just simply learn from this and take the necessary steps in making the process a little slicker ( bank and clients)

Not having access to the full facts makes me want to sit back and monitor from the side lines

Please can we have access to your final findings on what needs to or should have happened so that we can all learn



Coming from a call centre/CS monitoring background, I’d be interested to see some stats for Starling’s phone, email and live chat. Something like:

  • Average/quickest/slowest response times for chat & email
  • The same for calls + % of calls answered within 20 secs and maybe call abandonment stats (there was clearly an abandonment in this case)

Those tend to be the industry standard KPIs and it would quite possibly inject some faith into Starling CS if we saw how the stats were and how they change going forward. This would be a true act of transparency.


I agree this would be a true act of transparency, but asides from transparency, why should they share this? I’m just curious as to why?


No other bank shares this data, this would help to make Starling stand out. Nobody/no organisation is perfect, and as long as you explain why the results are what they are like, and what is being done to change them, then that actually shows that the organisation is aiming to improve.


This is particularly interesting to me as I work in customer operations, and the thought of sharing this information doesn’t come easy. I understand what you’re saying though.


Lots of banks (especially First Direct) shout about their CS and getting straight through to somebody without IVRs and whatever.

If Starling want to be new and ahead of the competition, it might drive people towards the bank if they can see that they have CS teams that answer calls in x seconds and connect chats on average in x seconds.

I know I’d definitely want to join a bank if I could see real data about how they treat customers.