None standard Android Oxygen


I am in the market for a new phone and as usual i really don’t know what to get. but one has got my interest Oneplus 5
This does not run standard Android but a tweaked version. I have already reached out to them about Android pay (cough hint cough cough) and they say it will work fine. With this in mind should Starlings App work with out issue


I have a OnePlus 3 and my wife has the 3t. Both run Oxygen and work fine with Android Pay and Starling. I’d therefore expect the 5 to be the same.


Should work perfectly :slight_smile:


@Lawrence_Scott and @Daesimpso OnePlus one 5 does have Android pay as I own the phone but you won’t be able to use it as starling don’t support it at the moment it’s coming soon.


@Joe_Merriman it does but you cant use android pay on oneplus 5 or any other android phone with Starling until they have realeased it. You can use any other card if the bank has Android pay.


I was actually talking about the OS, I’m aware Android pay does not work with Starling yet. I am askin gabout Starling App. If it works on the plus 3 then it will work on the 5 as same OS


It does work @Lawrence_Scott as have used on my oneplus 5 with my credit card on android pay as it is supported. It came as preloaded app on my phone.


@Gallifreyangirl. Would you recommend the +5? i’m coming from a Nexus 6


Yes I would @Lawrence_Scottas I think it’s a Good phone. Depends if you want to stay with the direct updates you get from a nexus device. They do good updates but not as quickly.


Yes, I’m aware Android Pay doesn’t currently work on Starling.

I interpreted the OP as asking if the Starling app would work, or incorrectly identify the phone as rooted or unsupported due to it not recognising the Android version, which frequently happens with Android Pay and other banking apps, like the Halifax one, on phones running non standard Android. My wife had an elephone p9000 that wouldn’t run any banking apps or Android Pay as they thought it was rooted even though it wasn’t. This is, in part, due to their OS not being signed by official signing keys to allow Android Pay to recognise the OS.

I was pointing out to the OP that the Starling App works, as does Android Pay with other banks, so he should have no problem. Once Starling release Android Pay it should work too. This is aided by OnePlus signing their OS releases correctly.


Yeah figured they not as quick but no bloatware is attractive. And updates are normal with in 2 months unlike most vendors


I am sorry if I came across wrong. The oneplus 5 isn’t making any of apps non usable by saying their rooted.


It hurts reading all this Android stuff. I’ve never had so much fun with a phone as I did with my Lenovo K3 Note (cheap but big screen).

Trouble is, that fun was associated with rooting it, so…:flushed:.


I’d be curious as to what as a worse case scenario could happen with a rooted phone and a banking app. I’ve never rooted any Android device that I’ve owned before and assuming I’m correct when I say root is like running an admin account on Windows. I’m guessing an uneducated user with a compromised device could end up with a fair bit of trouble?


Possibly. But you don’t even get to find out, as the registration process detects the rooted status and discontinues the setup process.


Must admit, I was happy playing around with a rooted phone but definitely got the jitters when my bank account came into play.


Oh, I meant any banking app in general that would allow access and to work on a rooted device.


Oh yes I see. I guess it’s a bit of a dark art and the consequences unknown. You’re right - you get full admin access to your phone but the operating system you use to root, effectively overwrites the standard OS.

That ROM you use will have originated from God knows who and God knows where with no guarantee it’ll not pole-axe your phone.

Bottom line I guess, is that your security would be either totally compromised or it wouldn’t make any difference. I’m as curious as you. :grinning:


I looked it up a little and it does seem that a rooted device with a dodgy ROM or root exploit could cause havoc. So far it seems it hasn’t happened or gone mainstream as an attack vector but I guess it easily could.


Yeah and knowing my luck…:unamused: