No start date on card


Just setup my card to pay my Barclaycard and it wanted an issue number or start date neither of which are on the card. This was due I think to it thinking the card was maestro. I got round it by putting the start date as the month and year I opened the account, and this worked. But maybe this should be on the card?


I pay my Barclaycard regularly with my Starling card and have never had to use a start date. In fact I don’t think I’ve used a start date in over 10 years.


Mastercard and Visa cards don’t require a start date on them nowadays. I pay my Barclaycard and don’t have an issue using my Starling card.

You just select Mastercard Debit and there won’t be a need for you to enter a start date.

In fact looking at the cards in my wallet most don’t have a start date as its obsolete in general.


I believe this came up before, it’s really an issue on Barclaycard’s side I believe, as you shouldn’t need a start date or issue number, but the workaround is to enter 00 as the issue number.


I’m not sure why you replied to me. I’ve been paying my Barclaycard for nearly 12 months with Starling and have never entered a start date or an issue number. I didn’t even know they were still a thing as even my legacy bank hasn’t used them for years


Apologies, must have clicked the wrong reply button.

Currently, if you go to add a new payment card on Barclaycard, after entering my Starling debit card number, issue number and start date fields appear and it says: “An issue number is required for Maestro cards. If your card doesn’t have an issue number please enter the start date.

If it’s not happening with all Starling cards, then it looks like Barclaycard are wrongly identifying some Starling card numbers as Maestro cards.


No worries - I was just confused about being given a solution to a problem I didn’t have. It doesn’t take much to confuse me :slight_smile:


Yes, I have had a friend raise the issue with Barclaycard and suggest it may be down to obsolete BIN tables and that they needed to update their database, but the people he spoke to did not understand and said they would pass his feedback on. He had no confirmation of the feedback being passed on or handled by any other team, and just got a reply saying they were happy he had managed to make a payment with an alternative card 🤦‍🤷‍




Thank you for this useful feedback. I did this, thus the post on here…


Just in case anyone needs the start date of their card - take your expiry date and minus 3 years :slightly_smiling_face: