No picture showing for goals


I gave a picture set up for my goals but on my timeline it shows this.


The pictures show up on Android but not iOS for me:

I find anything to do with images to be far superior on Android than iOS within Starling to the point where I’m now digging out my old Wileyfox in order to do the uploads because it allowed me to make a perfectly cropped image like above whereas iOS makes a pigs ear of anything I upload.

I’m also having an issue where iOS ‘forgets’ my account profile image:

It does this across all screens that contain the profile image, these were the only two I could post because the others have personal information on!


That’s odd my profile pic is showing on iOS


I’m sure @sarah.guha mentioned they are changing the way images / pictures are handled and would be sorted in the next release.


It’ll be sorted, it’s a known issue.


@Joe_Merriman thanks


Yes customer services said it’s something there looking at updating.