No Notification for 'Offline' or 'Presentment Only' Transactions


OK, so as part of the outage yesterday, I didn’t get an notification that a transaction took place. I assume this transaction was forced to be ‘offline’ and Starling haven’t received an authorisation therefore meant I didn’t get a notification. I get that, I don’t have an issue with that (other than the outage in the first place).

However, I’ve gone into the app today and the Morrisons transaction has appeared. I’m guessing that means that Morrisons have submitted the Presentment file and Starling has accepted it (because valid PIN, yadda yadda). But I didn’t get a notification and the transaction appears as having taken place today at 15:07 which I guess is when the Presentment file was processed.

I’m not sure if Starling can do anything about the date and time (unless this is given in the data), but they should at least be able to give me a push notification for transactions that have a presentment that haven’t previously had a authorisation surely? Wouldn’t this also be true for TfL transactions, Pay@Pump, etc? Something on the lines of “If no presentment or presentment != authorisation amount, send notification”?

The same thing happened when the ‘not outage’ happened the other week.


I think your issues is closely related to this thread:


Indeed, however with those transactions, you at least get the initial £1 or whatever. I get no notification at all.