No notification for money going in


Hello I had money added to my account yesterday and today by “Skybet” (yes I had 2 winning bets in 2 days :grinning:) not big bets tho unfortunately, anyway I never received any notification for these, there is no problem with notifications when I transfer money myself. Also I do receive a notification when I add money to my Sky bet account.


Hi @Feckineejit. Congratulations on the win!

It’s a bit of a hard one to explain over message but basically there are a variety of payment types merchants can make when processing a credit back to your account. Currently we don’t support notifications for all of these payment types (there are a few!) but we have had discussions about changing this so the notifications for account credits are more consistent.

So what your experiencing is not a bug but something we are looking at working on improving. We’ll let you know on here and in the app release notes when a change is made.

Congrats again!