No logo on Direct Debits


I have got problems with no logo showing on my direct debits that have been paid and set up below. Also does anyone know what the final payment date is for at bottom?


Same for me. * Remove sensitive information… - payment reference…


I think the final date is if you’re paying off something monthly. Like a loan or something.


We’re definitely working on improving these screens - iOS needs some love in the payments department.

Essentially the issue with Direct Debits is that we don’t actually know when they will come out of your account (until the day before they do). The wording is bad, but we’re working on that!
A bit down the line we’ll be looking at making these screens even more useful to you.

@Gallifreyangirl Do you see the logo from the transaction list?


Yes I do see logo when the payment has been taken by dd on my transaction list.


Great. That means there is nothing wrong with the merchant in our system.
We are currently working on moving iOS to the newer payments designs (similar to those already live on Android). Thanks for being patient - it’s coming soon!


Thanks good to know




Still no logo for some DDs…
How can I report them? No such option for Direct Debits…


Hey, we should be able to get this sorted for you! If you can just email through to we can get this remedied.

Sorry about this! :see_no_evil:


Thanks for quick reply!
Reported :slight_smile:


:ok_hand: Thanks!


@SarahDeakin are you able to change the logo of my salary to the on here - ? it is currently pulling through our RCI Bank logo and should be our RCI BS one? :slight_smile:


Starling are very good at updating these when asked. I added my Honda Finance DD last week and had a chat with CS and it was updated in hours.


I’ll see what I can do!


Thanks @SarahDeakin :wink:


Noti sure! Starling do nothing to update logos!
Reported 19 Feb… —-

Catherine (Starling Bank)
Feb 20, 11:12 GMT


Thanks for letting us know about this!

We’ll get this updated for you shortly.

Please let us know if you spot anything else that doesn’t look right!

Today is 27 February and still no logos


Oh no!

We’ve just chased this up for you @Mogolent. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! :+1:


Thanks Alexandra!
Fixed :ok_hand:t2::tada:


Very glad to hear it! Hope you’re enjoying the snow :snowman: