'No Internet Connection' 🐛


Apologies if this is duplication of a thread - I get a banner stating ‘No Internet Connection’ once re-entering the app (even though I have a data connection). Whether that is via an app launch or swiping a notification etc. Already reported to CS in-app.

iPhone X running iOS 11.3.1 / Starling 0.48.0


Are you on VPN or public WiFi?


I get that when using a VPN


No VPN or Wi-fi — I was on a working 4G connection.


Yep, I get this bug a lot too. Unfortunately, raising the issue gets passed off as your Internet connection not being good.


That’s disappoint to hear @Chalky I’ll flag this with @StarlingSupport


Thanks for confirming @Jai


Thanks for confirming @daedal


Here’s a ‘me too’ - I get this quite often irrespective of whether I’m on 4G or Wifi. I just ignore it now :slight_smile:

iPhone SE, iOS 11.3.1, app 0.48.0