No card facilities no pay


A new resturant called Yamabahce in London will only take payment by card. The British retail consortium has reported that card payments overtook cash as the main method of payment this year. No option for paying by card is a put off for me as is a minimum payment or extra charge (the extra charge is to be banned come June 2018).

It’s quite interesting the number of businesses that don’t yet accept cards.


I hardly ever use cash, I’ve only had a problem with using a card in Markets, or places that just can’t accept them normally like some street vans, although that’s changing with hand held terminals. Most small businesses where I live accept card, well all the ones I use so I’ve not come across the problem personally.

Starling is the only bank that I have ever had a problem with my card being rejected while money is in the account for no reason, so I have to carry some cash if I take my Starling card out. Or decide not to use Starling on a night out.

It’s less risk to business accepting cards, no risk of theft, no need to go to a bank, so it’s a logically direction for places to head.

I refuse to pay a charge to use my card, like I refuse to pay money to withdraw my own cash.


You’ve been lucky then, Nationwide used to block my card all the time for daring to spend my own money. Starling are a dream by comparison


I have to say, if I was setting up a business, I would serious consider card only.

There is a cost in charges, but it could work out less than the cost of managing and handling cash, the time, and dealing with the banks, who may charge Somali businesses for certain transactions anyway.

You also don’t need to worry about the security of cash on the premises.