No agents available on chat



I just went on chat to report an issue and it says “no agents available” and says “please try again later or leave us a message”.

Two things :

  1. I am not sure if there is a fault or high demand at this time of morning for in app chat?

  2. leave us a message but there does not appear to be an ability to leave a message?

Edit : I am guessing leave us message refers to the other bit on help section. Didn’t even notice it perhaps a link from this screen should be added? Or perhaps some sort of queue system if all agents are busy?


Chat is supposed to be available 24/7. @StarlingSupport what happens if all agents are busy? Isn’t there a queuing system?

Monzo vs Starling

@danmullen @tim7 this was a very brief maintenance window by our chat provider.

It defaulted to a generic screen which our customers never really see, as we are certainly 24/7.

Yes, we have a message which can show a queue.

Really good feedback about a link to the message function. I’m sure we can make this happen.

Thanks, and have a nice Sunday!


Thanks @patrick for the quick response thought it would have been a simple explanation. :blush:


Thanks @patrick. If it’s planned maintenance then it would be worth a status update to let people know next time.

Also, if agents are busy and you’re in a queue, perhaps offer the chance to send a message directly from that screen instead of waiting in the queue or having to navigate to a different screen?


Totally agree with you.