New update, what's new?


So I’ve just installed the new Starling update and have to say what is new? I can’t really notice anything am I bring daft about this? Sad to not see the savings on there yet but will be patient…


Oh, trust me when I say it’s Coming Soon™ :wink: :wink:


Changes in recent update:

UI changes to the “invite to Starling screen”.

Ability to join Starling immediately.

Improvements to make it clearer if your card is locked or not.


Yeah really really hoping so, I got a little exited when I saw an update for starling oh well let’s wait for the next :grin:


Oh I see, thanks Joe didn’t realise really looks pretty similar though doesn’t it, waiting for the better update :smiley:


We can’t always have exciting updates :slight_smile: goals will be the next big update!


Very true - I shall…wait it out, yes goals will be a good one! :+1:


Let’s hope it is coming soon. I’m hoping for a major update, as several basics should have really been added from the get go such as the payment screen saving reference numbers etc but it was rushed out with a view to update it as they go.

A move to stabilise everything would be the best update, and remove the ‘beta’. Sort out the stability of the payments and take a look at their relationship with GPS or whatever they are called. If they could manage this in their next couple of updates that would be good news for all.