New to this bank, but what are the daily transfer limits?


E.g. how much could I transfer from my Starling account to another bank account in the UK?

I’m surprised such basic information isn’t shown anywhere obvious.


Customer Service -> Get In Touch -> FAQs -> Are there any payment limits?

Maximum £10,000 per transaction
Maximum £10,000 per day


Thank you. Actually I found that info inside the app in the end, interestingly the in-app FAQs seem to be different than the ones on the website here.


You’re welcome @oviano :slight_smile:


Mine doesn’t say that. I wish @StarlingSupport would just put all fees and restrictions in 1 clear place within the app and make them easy to understand. I had a couple of very embarrassing declines today with no push notifications to explain why or what to do and no clarity within the app.


Strange, mine has also changed to that. But when I posted it, I quoted from the actual FAQ.

It has clearly changed since early May :thinking:


That makes it sound like the daily limit is £25k which as I found out today is nonsense. Good job I had a backup card or I would have looked like even more of an idiot than I did.


CS just told me the daily limit is £25,000, Sarah recently said it’s £10,000. Starlings own staff don’t know the limits so how are we supposed to know?



Isn’t Sarah referring to card payments and your screenshot above referring to faster payments?


@Joe_Merriman The app doesn’t make it clear and I specifically asked CS what the daily card limit was and they said £25,000


Hi Sorry for any confusion, our daily card limit is £10,000 and our daily faster payments limit is £25,000. We also have £10,000 limit for international payments.

I will ensure our FAQ are clearer and also all in one place.


Thanks for confirming @Julian_Sawyer. Can you also make sure all of your staff are aware of limits because I have been getting mixed messages with this. You may also want to consider a push notification when a card declines to say why. The experience I had today was very embarrassing.

Monzo do limits well.