New to starling bank, some suggestions


Hi, I’m new to starling. I’m extremely impressed, just got the card today and the envolope type thing it’s in, wow! It’s those kind of things that in my opinion sets this bank way ahead of any other. However, the real reason why I’m at this bank now is because of the high tech, no nonsense, up to date technology that really sets this bank way ahead of the others.

I’m going to list to features I’d really like, most have been suggested but would like to repeat so starling knows even more that customers would like them.

1, iOS widget and Apple Watch app
2, Paym
3, QR code type thing in app to send money from a starling bank account to another starling bank account
4, receipts attached to transactions
5, post office paying in instead of NatWest


Welcome! Some good feature suggestions there. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy the community.


I didn’t want to create another topic, so sorry for double posting.

Few more suggestions I’ve thought of, on transactions when you click it open to see the map I’d like it if it shown the amount left in the bank at the time of the transaction coming out.

Also, when payments go into the account does a push notification come to my phone? Like BACS etc? Plus does push notifications come through when direct debits come out?


A push notification is received for payments in and DDs etc


This would be one my most used as I have to use another app to keep track of my work expenses. It would be great if an option could be added for to export transactions. i.e. if someone is using their Starling card on London underground then weekly or monthly you could export all you travel expenses from the app which could be sent to you in an email.


I know it’s simple but money in and money out per month wouldn’t be so bad.


Hi there, I am a very happy starling bank customer! What would make me even happier is if you worked with Cleo and gave them access to your customers’ accounts. I think it would be in the spirit of a challenger bank to join forces with other fin tech startups :slight_smile: is that something you would consider?


Starling has an open API, available to all -

Have you made this suggestion to Cleo? They may already be working on it.

It’s really good to hear that you are happy with Starling! :slight_smile:


@DBO hopefully starling will reach out to cleo and gently encourage the acceptance.

@Ben I have spoken to Cleo customer services about this and frankly was really disappointed with their response, which was basically they offload all their bank authentication work to a third party, Salt Edge, and I would have to contact Salt Edge and request Starling support there, only once Salt Edge include Starling support will Cleo even begin to consider supporting it.

Really put me off Cleo, I closed my account after that conversation.


That is a shame.

I don’t see Cleo having much of a future if they are 100% dependent on scrape based aggregators. Scrape based “integrations” are generally very slow and unreliable.

They should be embracing direct API integrations as and when available.


Well some good news.

Salt Edge, their aggregator just tweeted me back…

So hopefully that won’t be long.


That’s great. Hopefully Yodlee will do the same.


If they use Salt Edge, then as far as I know its an automatic thing.



I only mentioned Yodlee because they are also a large aggregator. If both Salt Edge and Yodlee add Starling support, we will be seeing Starling support in a lot of apps.

Does Salt Edge publish a list of apps they supply data to? It would be interesting to know which apps are likely to support Starling in the near future. :slight_smile: