New Starling Cards and Mobile Wallets



Hi everyone!

I have a new update on New Starling Cards and Mobile Wallets.

For those of you wanting a new personal or Starling for Business card - please message our customer service team in the app to register your interest!

For those of you wanting to see the new card artwork in your mobile wallets, I have some news and recommendations…

Currently, all the original purple artwork remains. We will be making the changes on our side at 4pm today and it should be live from 4:30pm (we’ll update you at the time), so any cards that are re-provisioned (added again) to mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay or Fitbit Pay will show up with the new teal artwork.

If you do not re-provision your card after 4pm today, the artwork will remain the same in mobile wallet. One work around for the time being if you have a joint and personal card - is to keep one card purple, and re-provision the other so it shows as teal. You’ll then be able to see the difference.

As explained further up, we’re planning to launch a new joint account card too which will show up differently in mobile wallets.

We recommend that unless you have one of the new Starling for Business cards, you do not re-provision your business card at all. This is because the new business cards have a new BIN range (that’s the first set of digits in your card number) which allows us to set the navy artwork in mobile wallets. If you have old purple Starling for Business card and re-provision it, it will show up as teal in mobile wallets from 4pm today.

We’re working on this and you should register your interest with our customer service team if you want the new card.

Introducing our new card
Sneak Peek: New Card Screen
A new kind of card for a new kind of bank

So just to get it right in my head. If I re-provision my personal account in Google Pay later it will change to teal, but not to re-provision my business card as that will turn to teal as well ?


That’s how I read it.


Yes - after 4:30 re-provision any card that you would like to be teal in your mobile wallet. :slight_smile:

Do not provision your Starling for Business card unless you have a new navy one or it will show up teal as well.

Sorry for any confusion!

A new kind of card for a new kind of bank
Introducing our new card

Thanks James, that’s very useful.

Was the BIN change done for business cards to make it possible to have different designs in Apple Pay etc? Or something else?


Sorry to sound negative but considering how long these design changes have been in the works, this seems a bit of a mess! Surely in the timescales involved in this project, sufficient thought was given to what happens to cards in mobile wallets? Having a Business card appear in teal is ludicrous!


Waits patiently for 4:30pm

(Has already tried once earlier before this was posted to get the new design in Google Pay.) :wink:


That’s right - we also needed to register them as Business cards I think.


It’s the first day - please bear with us Dan! :slight_smile:


I understand it’s the first day James and I realise some people may think I’m being overly critical. It’s just that these sort of teething problems shouldn’t happen - it’s not like it’s an unforeseen issue with a third party, it’s a blatant oversight with what happens to card designs in mobile wallets. I’d have expected mobile wallets to be an important part of the overall project.


Thinking out loud here, but if I remove and re-add my card from Apple Pay that means it’ll count as a new payment method for TfL contactless, right? (which means setting it up in my TfL account again)


Indeed, they are. However, we do not currently have a way to differ between the cards other than the BIN, we have a solution for this which will be live late next month.

We have provided a work around for the meantime. Sorry - I realise this is not ideal but we’re working on it. :slight_smile:


I believe that is correct. Not sure about setting up the TfL account, but if you re-add the card if and got to pay, it will be counted as a separate card completely. I.e. you could be charged twice, rather than getting a daily cap.


Thanks @JamesPratley.


@JamesPratley, @StarlingSupport, you people really do have the patience of Saints. That is all I will say… :zipper_mouth_face:


Haha! Thanks @l8n_me


I believe that to be true

It will have a different device ID and you’ll lose your any capping benefits for this week.

If you use it for TFL suggest you wait until Monday morning to re-provision


Well done! :+1::cricket_bat_and_ball:


It’s nice that many customers on here are happy with the changes and full of praise for Starling, but offering a different view or some constructive feedback shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.

If I was working on a project for a year, released the new product to much fanfare then had to explain why some elements were broken, I’d be sacked. It isn’t wrong to question how and why problems like this are allowed to happen - that’s how problems are avoided in future.

The various threads related to the card changes have had a partisan response where anyone disagreeing is shot down. It isn’t what I’ve come to expect from this community.


Worth adding to that… Why not launch all three cards (Business, Personal and Joint) at the same time.