New roadmap for 2018?


Having worked in Development for a long time, I’m under no illusion about how long it can take to bring new features to life. Given the nature of Starling’s business, extensive testing will be required for even the simplest of features. That said, if a feature isn’t even being planned, then it’s not going to arrive in the foreseeable future.

I spent a long time evaluating all the new mobile banks last year and ended up going with both Starling and Monzo. It didn’t take long for me to come to the conclusion that Starling was by far the better offering. Not only were the product features more advanced, I liked Starling’s philosophy, the community, the openness and just generally felt more positive about the brand. All of that still holds true yet, rightly or wrongly, I get the impression that current account innovation is taking a back seat since the launch of business accounts.

I think we at least need to see an up to date roadmap. The last one from June 2017 suggested accounts for under 18s were coming in the next year (a “no brainer”) but it now sounds like they’ve been put on the back burner. Also, I was sure that a change round-up feature was imminent (given many competitors have already released this feature) yet it now sounds like it’s not being actively developed.

If everyone knows what Starling’s priorities are then we can make informed decisions on which bank is right for us - mobile, “legacy” or otherwise.

Joint & Connected Accounts

The focus seems to have switched to business accounts so it seems like we’ll be unlikely to be getting roundups or shared goals anytime soon. I agree with an updated roadmap or just mirror what monzo do with their transparent Trello board. Monzo seem to be on fire, adding lots of the popular features the communities have been asking for and sharing early for all to get excited, that seems to be missing with starling at the moment.


I’m not sure the focus in on business accounts, just launching there is always going to be a degree of a higher profile with more emphasis in their marketing.

However, there does seem to be a commitment for where possible to build the business product on top of the consumer offering - so that has to be good too.


It’s important that Starling sets everyone’s expectations. Stating that accounts for under 18s are coming in the next year then not delivering just disappoints people. An accurate roadmap that is kept up to date keeps everyone informed and avoids disappointment and confusion further down the line.


Agreed. Whilst I believe in the long term Starling could be absolutely amazing, in the short term it feels like it’s lost momentum. Simple things like the merchant logos and locations were really good a few months ago, now they’ve stopped been updated the ones I’ve reported as incorrect in mid March are still not fixed. This is just an example. I feel like they’ve got the current account up and running but have moved the resource elsewhere.

Starling, please give us some updates on the 2018 roadmap. In particular, how’s about some info on the joint account situation. Are we talking about weeks, months or years for it to be introduced? There’s a whole load of us just waiting to move our main banking over once you press go!


if the focus is on businesses, I fail to understand why haven’t they planned for multi currency or at least allow us to receive payments in more than GBP/EUR. You know… global britain and all that jazz about exporting to the world


I’m also beginning to feel that current account holders are now the poor relation.


Fully Agree

Multi Currency accounts and ability to accept incoming payments from foreign currencies (outside the EURO). And a tablet/iPad app.

At least optimise the app slightly to make the existing app work natively with tablets/iPad.

These features will prevent the need of using transferwise borderless account and revolut.


I couldn’t agree more. I feel like I’ve mentioned direct debits from a goal so often that everyone will just be rolling their eyes… But the problem is that THEY gave me the idea. I’d never even considered it before Starling, last October, said they were going to introduce it “between now and the end of the year.” The second I read that I was amazed. I felt like my whole entire way of banking and budgeting was about to change FOREVER! It was such an incredible piece of news because of the impact it was about to have on my life. Especially with the issues I’ve had with my finances in the past that, although the worst is behind me, I’m still working through.

But now…


I don’t want to be too hard on them. And I still love the product and like banking here and enjoy the interaction and the community… But I fell in love with a product that just didn’t turn up. And a promise that never materialised.


When it was first mentioned to the forum what would memebers feel about Starling introducing business accounts I raised concerns
Certain members mocked my concerns by stating that Starling needed to move forwards and generate an income etc etc.
It was only natural that a new bank would develop a buisness accounts clientele
My concern was and it is now becoming apparent that the buisness project will unfortunately start to take precedence
I’m sure with time and patience all will eventually begin to balance out again


I can see both sides. And that’s one of the main reasons that I haven’t let the disappointment make me consider leaving… (The other main reason being that I just really like the product and don’t want to leave… But I’ll ignore that for a second)… I fully understand that it’s important for them to be a viable business as well as a modern, exciting new way of banking. So I support the introduction of things that would generate revenue, like business banking. Although, obviously, I don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes, it’s just that the excited feeling that THEY instilled with up and coming ideas (DDs from a goal :wink::wink:) that haven’t up and come yet made the excited feeling subsequently kinda fall away. Otherwise I’d be perfectly happy. I’ve been with Natwest for what feels like six million years and NEVER expected ANYTHING from them, so being promised something by my bank is still new and different. So I guess I should chill a bit.

I’m sure they’ll get there. They do seem to be working really hard. Maybe they just promised too much too soon?


I think Starling has set the bar really high (fair overdrafts, free foreign usage, excellent app, etc.) and deserved to win at the recent banking awards (I voted for them). I just hope that they continue to innovate as the other mobile banks seem to be bringing out new features every other week and Starling’s current account could soon be playing catch up (and already is in some areas).


For my money, @ItsPaul,



  • have each hit the nail on the head.

I’m sure a little reassurance from the Team on where we’re at will be more than welcome.


That’s a very good way of putting it and no doubt as time went on they found out that certain things may have turned out to be slightly difficult to achieve in such a very short time frame :roll_eyes:

But I still want to commend Starling on the achievements so far

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There’s some great comments in this thread.

I hope The Team do not see this as people criticising Starling - we are not. It’s probably fair to say we are all Ambasadors for Starling and want the bank to succeed and be the best.

The competition is growing and developing fast. Stay ahead Starling. Tech companies have to be able to deliver quickly.


Your comments and those of the others won’t be lost on the @StarlingSupport team, have no doubt. :blush:


Just adding a +1 to this to say I would be keen to see the direction Starling are going to be taking. I’ve arrived at a good time and Starling does a lot more for me than what my previous legacy bank did.


Update on the merchant logos… Starling have kindly worked on these today and the majority of them are now fixed. Great work - thanks!


Still waiting for one I submitted a couple of weeks ago. Will keep checking today :+1:t2:


Any word from Starling on this? Is an updated roadmap in the pipeline?