New phone and number. Do I need to sign up again?


Hi SB and all,

Dropped my Samsung S8 phone and although it rings can’t see anything on the display, which is rather useful :wink:. I have now got a new phone with a new number.

Do I really have to go through the whole palaver of setting up an account, with ID etc? Have just had to do the same with Monzo and all it took was sms code and confirmation code via my email and I’m up and running

Is there a quicker way?

Best wishes,

Abigiggles aka butterfingers…



No you don’t. If you contact our CS team by calling the phone number on the back of your card, or using web chat on our website they will be able to help update the number on your account for you and get you logged back in.



Thanks Sarah, will do.
Why doesn’t it say that on the app?!


Very valid feedback. We’ll look an improvement to this.


I tried to change the phone number from within the app and got kicked out for good =) fortunately CS commandos are trying to rescue me


They got me back on just know thankfully, but I did have to leave a phone message, then wait nearly 50 mins before I decide to go via Twitter, now all sorted. Good luck. Ax