New partners


I have a few questions

When will we see more partners to select from as it’s getting depressing checking that part of the app and only seeing Flux.

When will connect accounts be launched and what’s next for starling.

There’s lots of chatter but no real statement saying this is next.


Hi Zack
We have a lot of potential partners that we are in discussion with, there’s a few coming up over the next couple of months so don’t worry there’s a lot more to come for the marketplace! Because we work in collaboration with our Partners we generally prefer to announce only once everything is confirmed and ready to go live for you to use. I can’t tell you any particular companies right now :speak_no_evil: but they are from various different financial and other products so its pretty exciting for us… and of course we will let you know on this forum and elsewhere once something new is available for you to use in the Marketplace! :grin:

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