New features screen


Good afternoon everyone.

I don’t know if it’s been suggested before (and I’m too tired to look… Sorry…) but maybe you should have an update screen when the app is updated.

I know everyone, all the time, uses other banks as comparison but I’m going to do it now. When NatWest add a feature to their app, as you load the app, you get an intro screen quickly going over the fun stuff you can now do. I never read it… Cos its NatWest so I don’t really care! :joy: But I was thinking about it as I’ve updated today.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE notes on transactions. Especially right now because I’ve just moved into a house with a stupid payg electricity key thing and the shop wants cash so I’ve no idea which of the few cash transactions are my electricity. And also for attaching receipts for the stuff I’ve got to get in the new place. Its so cool!! But the point I’m getting to (really really slowly) is that I knew it was possible because I’m in the community. I never ever ever ever EVER EVER read release notes in the Google Play Store. Most of the time my apps update on their own and I’m not really aware. If it hadn’t been for the community I simply wouldn’t know about half the stuff. Which got me thinking… There must be so many people who update automatically that wouldn’t know they can split transactions, search transactions, add notes, etc etc… And probably a bunch of other stuff.

So what does the community think about an update information screen? Just pops up when you log in after an update to say, “Welcome to the new update… You can now add notes and pictures, search transactions, etc etc… SEE MORE or SKIP”. Then the normos would know as well as us obsessives.

Or would it upset the obsessives? :joy: :joy:

I personally think it’s a good idea. I probably wouldn’t need it because I’m in here, but it would only take a second to skip and it’s not like it would be every day. But it could possibly help thousands of people who would never otherwise unlock their Starling potential.

Thank you for your time.

C’est tout.


Makes sense, good idea. Starling are all about transparency so should fit well.


Barclays do something similar, it says do you want to explore what’s new or something like that.


I’ve said it before, there should definitely be a change log. Having something pop up to introduce any new features would be a good addition.


Sounds like a no-brainer to me! Tag the relevant peeps and lets get this some momentum. Should be easy peasy to sort.


Ooooh. Sounds quite positive. I shall tag @sarah.guha and see what is said.

Thanks guys.

Edit: unless there’s somebody more suitable that someone knows of, in which case tag away.


It’s clear Starling already have the functionality to do this when they update us of downtime (rare!) or when they put the message out about merchant payments being reversed. I think this is a simple idea and continues along another thread that was talking about how Starling should be better at blowing their own trumpet!


Thanks all, it’s on our list for sure. Tagging @Harry and @ben.chisell who are looking at how we can communicate and promote our features.


So I logged in today and got a sexy new features screen about joint accounts. I was very impressed. Another example of Starling listening and implementing. I’m impressed. :+1::+1::+1::grinning::grinning: