New FAQs section!


Hey guys, I’m Luke, a Product Manager here at Starling and we’re adding this FAQs section to the Community to help people find these answers more easily.

These threads are posted as closed topics, but if you’d like to start a conversation on one of them then we recommend looking to find threads that already exist on the topic and joining in the conversation there. If a thread on the Question you want to discuss further doesn’t exist yet, feel free to create a new topic to discuss.

Hope this helps :smiley:


Thanks Luke! Great idea with the FAQs. This will come in handy for everyone, specially new customers to Starling! please just ensure they are always up-to-date :slight_smile:


Unless this rule has now changed, to my mind this REALLY needs to have in big neon flashing letters about the 12 month rule . Not that i’m criticising either the rule or the FAQs, it just seems from the reaction here like people really need more warning about this element of the closure T’s&C’s @Luke_Furnell @Megan_Caywood


That’s a good point! We’ll get that added in :+1:


That needs changing to non-UK numbers, otherwise its actually confusing.


Loving the new FAQ section… one comment from me, and it’s something I’ve mentioned more than once in other threads…
Where you state that customers opening a Business Account do not need to be a Personal customer, nowhere does it mention that if you open a Business Account first, then you can’t open a personal one… yet!
This needs to be communicated to prevent misunderstanding.


I did mention this yesterday in regards to the website FAQs and someone… @Callum i think, said that they would pass the suggestion on to the team, so hopefully it will get added there too. It seems like a very common sense thing so i can’t really understand why they wouldn’t just put it in, it would save both them, and customers, hassle until the system allows otherwise.


So! I’ve just come back in from an evening out, and the forum has literally exploded with content!

I thought I’d post my views here, as they cover all the FAQ related issues - Sorry if they are duplicates, I tried to read as much as I could.

I’ll start with the bad (IMO).

Fees - Higher than people would expect (significantly in some cases), and has a little bit of a feeling of “kicking someone whilst they are down”.

Thankfully I’ve never lost my card at home, let alone abroad, so I hope to never need the service - I would think the pricing is designed to discourage people to use it (both statements and replacement card), unless you absolutely need to.

The FAQ format - It’s pretty much killed all the older threads! I don’t know how others browse the forum, but I always go to “latest”, and read down - Not sure if there is a way to hide the FAQ’s from the list, but to appear in search’s?

The Good (I haven’t read all the FAQ’s, so I’m sure there is even more feedback that can be offered).

Replacement Card - Yesterday, we didn’t have a foreign replacement card service… Now we do. People were literally saying “I’d happily pay” - Now you can! Huzzah!

If you don’t like the fee, don’t order a replacement card - I can’t imagine anyone goes abroad with just 1 card (do they?) - I would always take at least 1 X MasterCard and 1 X VISA.

Starling have responded to the requests of their customers, and provided a service which was not available yesterday, and has been requested many times - This is a time to celebrate, not pick holes.

At the end of the day… How many of us are really going to order a replacement card, whilst abroad? I would imagine it was an extreme minority (enter @l8n_me with his “I’ll be living in the sanctity of the EU and France shortly! :wink: )

The FAQ’s themselves - A comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions, from Starling themselves?? Hello?? Is this not what we have been waiting for…??

I imagine the time that will be saved will be huge! It’ll also be the basis for any queries we, as customers, have when talking to Starling.

We can point them to their own FAQ’s if we disagree with something, and it should make everything so much smoother!

I’m sure I’m not alone here, but having an upfront and honest answer is more important than anything - Take @Alexandra_Frean’s reply about the press releases earlier today.

That’s the type of communication most of us value - Honest, to the point and clear.

“We don’t want to publish information on the forum first, because then journalists won’t want to run with it, and Starling misses out” -

Perfect! It’s like Starling were a little scared to say that before, but I’m sure we’d all rather hear the truth, than be told what they think we want to hear.

We all want to bank with the best bank (I should think) - Starling are never going to be able to please everyone, but the likes of @anne and @Megan_Caywood are successful for a reason!

I trust in their judgement, and it feels like the past week has seen a new side to Starlling - Staright to the point answers (Pay at Pump aside), good communication, and a new direction which looks promising!

Celebrate the positive when it’s there and don’t lose your debit card abroad :wink:

Have a good weekend everyone.


Besides, i don’t even know where the EU is now. I’m more british than a british bulldog, i’d never even consider crossing the channel. Any transactions elsewhere would be a complete mystery. Nope. I would never leave these fine shores… largely because if i’m there more than an hour and a half @Megan_Caywood may decide i’m no longer a resident, quote the “Starling is intended for UK residents” line, and close my account…

JOKE. I’m joking Megan, please don’t close my account… I’m only joking i promise. Joooooooooking. Don’t hate me, i promise i’ll be good and keep within the terms and conditions Just a joke! Oh Jeez, what have i done? Me and my big mouth. I’m going to be banned for life, aren’t i? :joy::joy::joy: :sob::sob::sob:


I’m not knocking the new FAQs on the community as it can only be a good thing - the more places you can go to get information the better.

I do think that the in-app FAQs should have been updated though. Most customers won’t even be aware that there is an online community and will get all of their info from the app. I had a look earlier and couldn’t see any reference to the £60 replacement card fee while you’re abroad.


There are now 2 FAQ sections. If you click on the three bars top right (for me anyway) you see 8 of the 10 thread categories (2 hidden) one of which is FAQ and below a feint line there is another FAQ which is really forum usage guidance. I would suggest the lower one is renamed.

Fully support @danmullen’s point above.



I rather liked l8n_me. Pity his accounts closed.

Oh well…(Wonder if Megan is feeling benevolent this morning :thinking:).

Evidence of a learning organisation, perhaps. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s still working at this moment, she’s having a Saturday morning lie-in so hasn’t got to it yet… :see_no_evil::joy::sob:


Hey guys, thanks for the positive and constructive feedback! Thought I’d give a general response to some points raised in this thread:

  1. FAQ updates - from your feedback we’ve updated the community FAQs and have posted new FAQs today. We’re aiming to regularly update community FAQs so that you guys are up to date!
  2. In-app FAQs - as Dan Mullen mentioned, these are currently a subset of our total FAQs though we’ll be working to expand those out in the future as well!
  3. Moving forward - If you have feedback on the FAQs please join in discussions on the topics in various Community threads or start a new thread linked to an FAQ and let us know what you think. Additionally, if there are any FAQs that would be helpful to Starling customers that aren’t currently in there, feel free to let us know.

Let us know what you think guys! :slightly_smiling_face:


Have the new FAQs been removed? I don’t see the category at all when accessing the community on my laptop or in my mobile browser. Using the Starling Bank Community app (on Android), I can see the FAQ category but clicking it leads to “page not found”.


I get

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


Sneak Peek: The new Payments screenNew & Upcoming

A new kind of card for a new kind of bankNew & Upcoming

Sneak Peek: New Card ScreenNew & Upcoming

etc… on Safari.



Yes, that’s what I meant by page not found :slight_smile:




Additionally, if you try to navigate to one of the new FAQ topics, you get the following error message:

“Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

@StarlingSupport I think someone may have inadvertently changed the settings on the new section!


Hey @danmullen and @RogerB

Are you guys able to see it now?