New customer service page


I’ve just noticed that the customer service page has changed on Android. I like that it shows some FAQs and that the options are visible but not sure about the execution. I’m not a fan of the split screen scrolling. Is this work in progress?

The changing code at the bottom is wierd too, I thought the page was still trying to load.


Oh yeah really bizarre the countdown bar and changing code.

The FAQ also are different depending the type of account.


Limits still haven’t been addressed either and pulled into one place. There’s misleading information in different places. Hopefully it’s work in progress. It’s a move in the right direction, just awful application.


I think the code is a good thing.
Certainly more intuitive than CS asking for your mother’s maiden name when you call in (or whatever they might ask you).


@MrRobot It just wasn’t instantly obvious when I went in, I thought the page hadn’t loaded properly because that bar was moving and it looked so different. I thought it was a bug.


If the area with the 3 contact icons was a different colour I don’t think I’d mind the split scroll as much. It feels a bit strange though.


That code and countdown bar looks like standard 2FA behaviour - I like it! Is that just for calls to CS?


The code is unique to the phone, time and has an expiration limit. This all lowers the risk of it being hijacked which helps protecting your account against somebody pretending to be you.
It is permanently on the screen to speed up validating your identity in case it’s needed for more sensitive CS operations. It might look strange at first, as it is a novel way to deal with security related matters, but having it permanently present means it’s very easy to find. No need for “GetCode” button, various confirmation dialogs etc…

This is just one of many efforts to improve our customer services.


I’ve never seen it before but if it’s standard fair enough. I was waiting for the colour block to load in or page to render properly! :joy: Waited for it to run down!


Now I know what that is I’ll get used to it. Is the design set in stone or WIP? I’d like to see the page crafted a little more if possible, it feels a little flat with the split scroll.


The code is a good thing, it’s more the bar that is bizarre. A few big companies I know do a rotating code thing, it works well and is effective.

Anything that improves customer service can only be a good thing.


Looks good, great to see you guys working to improve CS.


@Cragmireuk I use 2FA wherever it’s available and use Google Authenticator - the rotating code timer is a small disc in that app but I’ve seen a bar used too.


I’ve used 2 factor before just not like this. That doesn’t bother me so much now I know it’s for security, it’s a good move.


Ahhh, so that’s interesting. I saw it there with whin i used in-app chat earlier on today and wasn’t sure if i was meant to do something with it or not, but you say it will only be used for certain things?


As part of comprehensive CS improvements we want to have this page iterated/updated faster than we did up until now.
I think it is somewhat special - as it deals with atypical use case - users are contacting customer service because they are unable to solve their need by using the app features.
Idealy it should never happen, but if it does we want the experience to be efficient, fast and painless.
Aesthetics on this screen should be supporting those features first and foremost.
I agree it definitely has room for improvement.


@Kris I’ll look forward to further changes here then. It’s definitely a positive step and shows you’re listening to feedback.

Monzo isn’t a bad place to start for a nice approach. The search is great as you can get to the question quickly. Is this something you will be adding?

It’s also broken into chunks, touching on different topics, split using cards and doesn’t try to get everything on one screen. I think it’s important not to overwhelm people.

Important information like limits and charges should also be in ONE place, clear, easy to find, and change depending on the transactions you’ve made.


Awesome; a great and simple way to verify a user without asking for details that can easily be phished or likely known by the people closest to you.


A lot of large corporations have this similar ‘pass key’ inplementation on the intranet home page so when speaking to other parts of the business you’re speaking to, often remotely, can identify you are within this company.

It’s a good idea and excellent way to verify imo.


If the bar had been going left to right I would have thought it was a page still loading, but going right to left it looked like a countdown to me.