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Hi, I’m recent to you…and I’m really enjoying this interactive forum.One area I still don’t understand is how you move your goals cash over to your current account bit…still find it confusing…other than that everything is great. Thank you


When viewing the goal click where it displays how much your goal has. You can then type the amount you want to move back then press the arrow.


Thanks Brian :slight_smile:



Welcome! We’re all here to help :smile:


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Hi Angela
Welcome to Starling


Hi Angelaa and welcome !! The Starling Bank is great and aa lot of fun to use. I had all my questions answered as I went along by people on this forum. They are a good crowd and very kind. The Starling is very good at organising money and the way to go.


The Goals feature in the Starling app is my favourite, I found it really useful!


Thanks Hans



Telling a merchant my payment has gone through before they can tell me, is a buzz.

(Phone vibrates in pocket - I’m not THAT magic :grinning:)


Yes that is brilliant :slight_smile:



Yes, I had a guy today tell me my transaction had gone thru and I said “I know, my bank have already sent me a message confirming it” and showed him my screen. He was impressed…perhaps another convert!


Something we’re used to… Science fiction to everyone else :rocket:


i another new starling user here, not sure if its ok to hijack this thread but i’ll go ahead anyway :sweat_smile:

was doing some shopping today, first store dw sports used my card in the chip n pin machine and got an instant notification. 2nd store m&s used my phone, linked to google pay, had no signal at POS, got the notification for that as i left the store. 3rd store sports direct, used my card again. this time no notification! i checked the app and nothing, it took at least 30min before the transaction showed in the app.

is this normal for sports direct or a bug i should be reporting somewhere?


Welcome silverheid - I am sure you will enjoy what Starling has to offer and find it a new wave in banking. The forum here is great if you have any questions - the people are so helpful and friendly. They have helped me several times. The great thing for me is that I don’t have to stand in a queue - this is much better = so enjoy and welcome again


Hi @silverheid

Welcome. Your question is probably better located in “Bugs and Help” for a response but I’ll flag it to @StarlingSupport.


Hi @silverheid!

Welcome to the community and to Starling :grinning:

Can you please get in touch with our team via your app so we can go into detail about this. We would like to fully understand what’s going on and dive into your account to take a look.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Thank you @Graham for summoning me :wink:


Hi @Angelaa!

Welcome to the community and to Starling

Give us a shout if you even need us :grinning:


Welcome @silverheid to the forums.