New card, old PIN?


Just wondering, when a new card is issued, is the same PIN issued with it or is a new PIN generated?

Ideally keeping the same PIN would be beneficial saving a trip to an ATM to change it :slightly_smiling_face:

Understand in some circumstances (fraud) a new PIN is needed (although nothing stopping the user changing it back)


I’d assume much like we are able to select the PIN for the card before it’s sent that a new card would be programed to your usual PIN unless a change is requested or required.


For replacement cards we can select the PIN? - never had one so not sure :thinking:


I’ve no idea, but I’m sure if you requested a card be replaced because fraud had occurred because the PIN was guessed or given out, customer service would force a change of PIN.

Otherwise, a simple visit to an ATM is all that is needed if you want a new PIN.


I get that, I’m talking about a normal card replacement (lost card, expired card etc) would a new PIN be issued then.

Know it’s a trip to an ATM to change it, but surly a wasted trip :man_shrugging:t2:


I very much doubt that the PIN would change, I’d have to have a staff member or a user that has requested a replacement card confirm that though.


With N26 you can change the PIN in-app any time you wish.

From the N26 web site…

"When you set the PIN for your N26 Mastercard or Maestro card, it is stored securely in the Mastercard network as your online PIN. However, in some countries, such as France, Ireland, Greece and Slovakia, merchants predominantly use card terminals that rely on an offline PIN. These machines will verify the PIN code against a secure element on your card’s chip, not against the Mastercard network. That is why your PIN code is not accepted at these terminals.

In order for your card to work at these terminals, you first need to synchronize your online PIN to the secure element on your card’s chip. You can do this easily by withdrawing money at an ATM with your card."

Could Starling integrate this feature? I believe it would be the first UK bank to do so.


Your PIN will remain the same when you order a new replacement card. The card PIN is programmed into the card chip which is why you need to go to an ATM to change the PIN rather than doing it in app. We don’t have another online PIN at the moment.