New cap on contactless payments



Eurgh… It’s a small hassle, but a hassle none the less.

Maybe every other app should have a “freeze your card” option along with instant notifications!


Barclays and the RBS group used to have a policy where depending on your account you would have to enter your pin after a certain number of transactions, seems pointless to me introducing things like that now, considering there is no £30 contactless limit imposed as standard.


I am sure that using Google pay doesn’t have a limit. Whereas my card will force a pin if it’s > £30 (before the introduction of the above)


What a pain does that count using Apple Pay as well.


EU regulation coming into effect September 2019.

So… Potentially not an issue here.


Shoppers will be asked to enter their PIN numbers after five contactless transactions in a row


I’ll be annoyed on a night out, having to remember my pin! Stupid bloody rule. As long as it doesn’t affect contactless via Google Pay I won’t complain too much.


I’d be happy if they just required it for over a certain amount.

I wonder how this will affect Apple Pay and Google Pay


This is due to come into effect in September 2019 though.


Be interesting to see how this is going to be implemented with Barclaycard bPay where you don’t actually have a PIN for your wearable. The premise of these devices are contactless only - it’s not like you can shove the sticker / keyfob / wristband into a PED.


Apple Pay knows it’s you via Touch or Face ID


Is this removing the £30 limit? So could you make one £132 contactless payment?

Also, can we go down the Australian route of contactless and pin for when it asks for a pin rather than then having to put your card in the reader.


No it means you can only spend up to £132 before you have to enter your pin, or after 5 times of using the card contactless whichever is first.

You can already spend over £30 with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Not sure how the rules will affect them though.


How will this work where there’s no ability to enter a PIN, e.g. if (like me) you regularly use contactless for tube journeys?


Biometric cards. That’s the answer.


TFL don’t technically process transactions as contactless, they process them as offline transactions.

There will always be ways round it, add your card to an oyster account, TFL process it as an online payment rather than contactless.


Thanks @daedal.


It’s unfortunate the UK uses the type of PIN technology as it does as most other countries use online pin (Where the PIN is checked against the banks records and not against what’s stored on the card), as it allows tap and pin payments (In places like Australia, you never have to insert your card ever).

Also won’t the UK have left the EU by this point? So the regulation wouldn’t apply.


I think you’ll find the PIN is actually stored within the chip of an EMV compliant device. I’ve used my Curve card several times contactlessly in Germany where the transaction amount was above the €25 contactless limit; instead of having to insert your card in the PED as you do in the UK, you just key your PIN in to the PED.

But wearables are somewhat different as there are no PINs associated with them. I have a bPay “sticker” in my wallet, and there’s no PIN for that; the same is true of the Kerv ring.

I can’t think of an easy way around this for wearables, short of reissuing the wearable device and assigning a PIN you cannot change.

We’ll still be in the transition phase, so I would expect the regs would apply. I’m sure we will remain close to Europe even once we have left the EU. If not politically, geographically at least!