Buisness accounts

Can we not simply concentrate on getting the personnel accounts right

Lots of promises regarding new features and promises of incorporating customers feedback

However this has t happened yet and we now seem to want to leap into buisness banking

I’m for one feeling nervous about this as I want to see a good personel account product that has achieved some pedigree

Any body else have the same view or is it just me



I can see how business banking should be a natural step within the Starling development programme.

I agree, though, that this shouldn’t (and most likely won’t) distract the team from its core commitment to delivering a market-leading mobile current account.


Morning Graham

I hope you are right that Starling has a good solid strategy in regards moving forwards

It would be a real shame if all the built up trust held by its personnel accounts holders is jeopardised for a lucrative buisness banking client base

I like many of us am waiting for the final personnel account product to take shape which at the moment could be a really good product


I’m also a little worried with their move into Ireland as well. I hope they’re not stretching themselves too thin.


I’m not too worried, in fact I see it as a positive as a lot of the apps UI and features can be shared between account types in one form or another.

A possible influx of customers will most likely need more CS staff to be hired and I’d assume some will be more highly trained on the business account side of things.

Kind of exciting to see how things are moving along so fast!


Good point, Thomas, that’s where any stretch on resources would be most noticeable.


Completely agree with you @CLIVE_HADLEY.


Totally agree, they can’t even report transactions correctly at the moment. We are all beta testing so live with the problems, but they should be working on fixing things before trying to expand to other areas or products.


Agree with the sharing

But let’s wait until the first half is actually up and running ( not Beta) and achieves some positive customer feedback. This can then be migrated across as a tried and tested package

That would make logic to me


Thanks for sharing your views with us and we appreciate your concerns. Our vision is to give everyone the ability to live a healthy financial life, and we’re very aware that this means we take on multiple large challenges simultaneously. We’ve promised a lot of new features, but we’re sticking to them. Our tools are already helping people to understand their personal finances, and we think they can also help small business owners too.

Also, as @Graham & @thom_horne have already mentioned above, this is a natural step for us and many of the features will the same or similar in the business accounts. Two examples of new features which have been requested are transaction search and receipt uploads, we believe this would be useful for both business and personal accounts, so we plan to have it on both.

I hope that clears things up! :slight_smile:


I have the same views. The personal account has to be the best it can be. Distractions can’t be good though. There is still a good chunk of work to be done on the personal account to make it a legacy bank killer for me.

To achieve anything in life, life should be kept simple!

If the account doesn’t develop and the features don’t come on stream, there will be plenty of competitors nipping at Starling’s heels for disgruntled customers. So I guess it’s up to Starling to keep everyone sweet.


Thanks James.


The picture is becoming clearer and I totally get the idea that many of the features could and would benefit both parties

Unfortunately not having visibility of the size of your team nor the ability to see where Starling would like to end up in the market place I can only comment on what I have experienced and what people have posted

I await the updates and look forward to the point when Starling is no longer beta and we can catagorically state that it is 100% up and running

I await the point when the marketplace feature is fully populated and as such I can apply for loans and mortgages

Some form of joint bank account and maybe a choice of investment opportunities or even savings accounts for the personal banker would be nice .

I know these have all been discussed and promised

A lot to be done and a lot of promises to fulfill

I look forward to the future and hopefully then will be smiling from ear to ear :sunglasses:


One commercial advantage of business accounts, is they tend to be fee-based, so these accounts will be more profitable for Starling to be offering.

More money in Starling’s coffers means more money available to continue the development of both strands and to continue expansion plans, like taking on more CS agents.

I agree that spreading yourself too thin as a company is never good (I am self-employed and learnt that the hard way through severe lack of sleep!) BUT introducing new features and products that are suitably similar to existing ones that development can be shared which increasing revenue is, in my opinion, a good an natural place to be looking.

We don’t know much about Starling plans for business yet but we do know that they are targeting sole traders and micro businesses. I am a sole trader, and in all honesty I could very easily run my business on the current starling personal platform if I wanted to, obviously I cant have multiple accounts so it’s a no-go, but very little, in my opinion, needs to be tweaked before they can offer a good sole trader business experience.