Name as appears when sending money


I’d really appreciate it if when sending money to someone, I could choose it to be my initials then surname.

So for example

J J Blogs

… rather than Joseph Blogs.

Likewise I would like to be able to have this on my card rather than my full name.


I have however had issues renting a car with a bank card with only initials and not a name, the firm would not accept it and I had to use another card with name not initials that they could tie up with the name on my driving license.


That’s interesting. With all my previous banks (NatWest, Barclays, Metro) I’ve been able to have J J Blogs for example on the card.

It would be nice to have the choice, and also for recipients of transfers to see this rather than the whole name, if chosen.

I don’t go by my first name so it’s mildly annoying for me.

Loving Starling though!


Thanks for your feedback @josephcurran! :slight_smile:

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seconded, I use my middle name not my first for anything but local gov and medical, never been a huge problem but would be nice to have control over